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How do you upload a video in you tube

When streaming videos are supplied via the Web they are often called

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Q: The internet allows you to send, or ___ files to others on the internet?
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Is it illegal to send song files on the internet?

No, but it is illegal to receive money for the files.

Who allows the user on any computer to get files from another or send the files to another?

The Administrator.

Can you send vbs files over the Internet?

Use sendbig .com to send any type of files for free up to 30GB

Questions with 'What do you mean by internet write down the steps to send and receive and attached files with email'?

Answering "Questions with 'What do you mean by internet write down the steps to send and recive and attached files with email'?"

How do you share files with someone far away?

You can send large files via a internet file locker such as (

How do you send large files through internet?

Use an online file transfer service

What does a CAD drafter do?

A CAD drafter does online work. They send files over the internet or by mail. They probably send files and work through online email. They do drafting work.

What is a device that allows computers to receive and send information over the Internet?

A modem.

What enables you to reduce transfer time when you download files?

enables you to reduce transfer time when you download files from the Internet or send files as e-mail attachments?

How does internet faxing software work?

Internet faxing allows you to fax without having to use a fax machine. You are able to send and receive because the files are converted into e-mail MIME form. It saves money because there is no telephone charge.

How does email benefit us?

E-mail benefits man kind by connecting everyone around the world. Its just easier and faster then using postal and allows you you send files for free providing you have an internet connection

How do you send files over the Internet?

Email is a simple way. Another way is through instant messaging programs. There are other services on the Internet for file sharing/sending large files as well.

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