The Boy Who Cried Wolf story?

Here is the story of the boy who cried wolf.

Once upon a time, a young shepherd boy named Jack thought his job as a shepherd was very boring. Jack grumbled, "I never get to have any fun. All I do every day of my life is watch these sheep." Then Jack had a plan to have fun. Jack said, "I got it! I will play a trick on the villagers." Then Jack cried, "WOLF ! WOLF ! It's chasing the sheep!" The villagers came rushing up the hill to help the boy drive the wolf away. Then they asked where the wolf was. Jack laughed and said, "There is no wolf! It was a joke." The villagers charged down the hill very angry. The next day Jack was bored again and he decided to cry wolf again. He cried, "WOLF ! WOLF ! "There is a wolf chasing the sheep." The villagers once more rushed up the hill to help Jack. But again there was no wolf. The villagers were very angry. And they charged down the hill and said, "If you should cry wolf one more time, do not expect us. Jack just mumbled and said,

"What ever." The next morning when Jack woke up the sheep were acting very strange. Jack peered into the forest and there, looking straight at the sheep, was a wolf. Jack yelled, "Wolf ! Wolf !" but nobody came and the wolf killed all of Jack's sheep. That day jack learned never to cry wolf again.