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no, they r NOT!!!!!!

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Q: The Fray band cancer survivor
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Are the fray a British band?

no the Fray is not a British band They were born in colorado.

What year the fray starts to make a band?

The band, The Fray, was formed in 2002.

Who is Louis Tomlinson's favourite band?

Louis Tomlinson's favorite band is 'The Fray'.

What band plays the song you found me?

the fray the fray

Which band do you like better The Fray or One Republic?

The fray is a much better band than one republic..... one republic is a good band just the fray is better

What kind of band is the fray?

a music band.

What year did the Fray come out?

The band, The Fray, was formed in 2002. Their self-titled album, The Fray, was released in February 2009.

Are the members of The Fray married?

Yes. Three of the four band members of The Fray are married.

Is a person considered a cancer survivor after her mother passes on from cancer?

No No. A cancer survivor is an individual who has been diagnosed with cancer and continues to survive and does not succumb to the cancer.

Are Vampire Weekend Louis Tomlinson's favorite band?

No his favourite band is The Fray.

Who is the lead singer of the fray?

Isaac Slade is the lead singer for the famous rock band, called The Fray

What is Louis from one direction what is his favorite band?

The Fray :)