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Klipspringer calls asking for a pair of shoes, and Nick is disgusted, hanging up immediately.

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Klipspringer wants a pair of tennis shoes he left at Gatsby's house. He is indifferent to Gatsby's death and is only concerned about retrieving his belongings.

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oes klipspringer want from nick?

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Q: The Great Gatsby- what does klipspringer want from nick?
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Who does nick visit that does not want to attend the funeral in the great gatsby?

Nick visits Meyer Wolfsheim, a notorious gangster and business associate of Gatsby, who does not want to attend Gatsby's funeral for fear of drawing unwanted attention to himself and his criminal activities. Wolfsheim is portrayed as a shady character with a keen sense of self-preservation.

Why does nick suggest that Gatsby go away even though he know it was Daisy who killed Myrtle?

Daisy doesnt want Gatsby anymore

In the book The Great Gatsby what does gatsby do that makes nick want to get up and slap him on the back?

In "The Great Gatsby," Gatsby reveals his inclination to discuss his past with Nick, prompting Nick to feel the urge to slap him on the back due to his blatant insincerity and fabricated stories about his background. Nick senses Gatsby's attempt to create a facade of mystery and sophistication, which clashes with his own values of honesty and authenticity.

Why does Gatsby want to take Nick to Coney Island and what is he hoping to find out?

Gatsby wants to take Nick to Coney Island so he can show him his strip club he owns. He hopes Nick takes bands.

Why is nick a little disappointed with Gatsby?

Gatsby is nervous because he wants Nick to agree to his plan of inviting Daisy over for tea. Nick tells Gatsby that he will help him. Gatsby offer him the chance to make money by joining him in some business he does on the sideβ€” that does not involve Meyer Wolfsheim. Nick is slightly offended that Gatsby wants to pay him for arranging the meeting with Daisy and refuses Gatsby’s offer, but still helps with the plan.

Why does Gatsby tell Nick the story of his life after asking for Nick's opinion of him?

Gatsby likely tells Nick about his life to justify his actions and explain his motivations, hoping Nick's opinion of him will change. By sharing his past, Gatsby reveals his vulnerabilities and desires, seeking validation and understanding from Nick. It is a way for Gatsby to connect with Nick on a deeper level and perhaps gain Nick's sympathy or support.

What was gatsby's plan involving nick in the library. He didnt directly ask nick either. Why?

Gatsby's plan in the library was to use Nick to arrange a meeting with Daisy, hoping that Nick could facilitate their reunion. Gatsby didn't directly ask Nick because he wanted it to happen naturally and didn't want to pressure Nick into helping him reconnect with Daisy.

What is Daisys real response to the party according to Nick?

In "The Great Gatsby," Daisy's real response to Gatsby's party, as described by Nick, is that she was unimpressed and found it to be vulgar and lacking in sophistication. Daisy prefers a more refined and exclusive lifestyle, and the extravagant display at Gatsby's party did not meet her expectations.

What favor did Gatsby ask of nick?

Gatsby asks Nick (via Jordan) to invite his cousin, Daisy by for tea. He will then "just happen to drop by" to see and hopefully connect with her. This setup is just another of Gatsby's strategic lures to entice the upper class Daisy.Gatsby wants Nick to introduce him to his cousin, Daisy Buchanan.

In The Great Gatsby what does Daisy want her daughter to become?

beautiful and clueless.

Does Gatsby tell Nick about his past?

Yes, Gatsby does share some aspects of his past with Nick, such as his belief in a romantic ideal and his love for Daisy Buchanan. However, he is secretive about certain details, such as how he acquired his wealth.

What does Fitzgerald want to convey about gatsby when he has nick say i was looking at an elegant young toughneck?

Fitzgerald uses Nick's description of Gatsby as an "elegant young toughneck" to show Gatsby's ability to navigate high society while still retaining an air of mystery and toughness. This description highlights Gatsby's enigmatic and complex character, suggesting that there is more to him than meets the eye. It also emphasizes Gatsby's resilience and adaptability in pursuing his goals.