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The climate for the Iroquois was hot in the summer, it could get up to 95 degree's. Winter it was cold.

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eastern woodlands, cold climate.

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Q: The Iroquis summer and winter climate for were they lived?
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What is the climate in Assiniboine?

Thinking you mean in Minnesota where the Assinibone tribe lived, the climate is warm in the summer, but cold and snowy in the winter.

What was the climate like where the Shawnee tribe lived?

It was very hot and dry .

What kind of climate did the iroquois live in?

According to historians, the type of climate the Iroquois lived in is considered the Eastern Woodlands which had typical four season weather including winter, spring summer and fall.

Who lived in the Iroquois shelter?

The Iroquis Indians

Where the iroquis lived?

the Iroquois tribe lived in the new york state really they did its cool

What was the climate like in New York when the Iroquis Indians lived there?

Very much like it is today. Climate change is a very slow process unless the process is accelerated or otherwise modified by man or a cataclysmic natural event.

What is the normal climate in wales?

Rain. Very cold rain in the winter and just normally cold rain in the summer. I lived there for twenty five years and never saw the Sun once.

What types of homes iroqouis lived in?

Iroquois lived in winter and summer houses called "long house"

What early native indian's lived in sod in sod houses?


What types of houses did the seminoles live in?

The Seminoles lived in winter and summer houses.

What is the inuit climite?

The climate in the Arctic where The Inuit lived was very very bitter cold in the winter. Living in the Arctic winter was very challenging. Winter temperatures may drop below -40*C. There is up to 2 meters of snow in the winter! Winter is long and dark in the Arctic. The sun may disappear for weeks in midwinter. Yet summer days can be very warm. Summer is short and full of light, for way up North the sun shines virtually day and night.

What is the Seneca Indians' climate?

The seneca climate was harsh and the summer they had to deal with extreme heat that killed most of the crops.The winter was even worse.It was super cold and made it very hard for them to survive the cold harsh winter.Sadly many indians did die to the winter some survived to live another day.