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The answer is farmers
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Q: The Populists were mainly supported by which group of people?
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Who supported populists?

i'm pretty sure that poor white farmers were one "group" of people that supported the populist party. you may want to double check.

When reconstruction began which group of Americans living in the South supported the Democratic party?

blacks and whites who supported blacks (mainly)

The People s party or Populists got support from which group or groups of people?

all of the answer are correct , midwesterners , farmers, and laborers

The group of people who supported the constitution where the?

The Federalist

The grangers were most similar to which political group?

The Grangers were most similar to the Populist Party, as both groups advocated for reforms to protect the interests of small farmers and workers against big businesses and industrialists. They both aimed to address economic inequality and promote government intervention to support farmers and laborers.

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Which group of people supported the Fugitive Slave Act?


What group of people supported the party?

All of the answers are correct.

Who supported the IRA terrorist group?

Lots of people supported them, from people in the local area to support from other countries like Libya and the United States of America.

What was a cavalier?

A Cavalier was a group of people that supported the king in the English Civil War.

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The African American Culture