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The Sunday before Easter is called Palm Sunday or Passion Sunday.


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No. Palm Sunday is the Sunday before Easter Sunday.

The Friday before Easter is called "Good Friday" and commemorates the death of Jesus Christ. Other days of the week before Easter are called "Holy (whatever)", with the exception of Thursday, which is called either Holy Thursday or Maundy Thursday depending on local custom. The Sunday before Easter is Palm Sunday.

Yes, Palm Sunday is the week before Easter.

No, the sixth sunday of easter is the last sunday before Ascension Thursday and the second-to-last sunday before Pentecost Sunday.

I just call it the Easter weekend. I don't think it has a name like Good Friday or EasterSunday.A. The Saturday before Easter Day is called Vigil or Holy Saturday (In Latin is Sabbatum Sanctum) and it marks the end of the Holy Week. The day before is called Good or Holy Friday.

No. The week before Easter Sunday (from Palm Sunday to Holy Saturday) is called Holy Week. It is also the last week of the 40 day period of Lent, which begins on Ash Wednesday. Officially, Easter Week is the week that begins on Easter Sunday. There are also 40 days in the period of Easter, beginning on Easter Sunday, which is actually only the First Sunday of Easter.

It is called Octave of Easter.

It's not on a Saturday it's on a Sunday which is why it's called Easter Sunday.

Easter Saturday is the Saturday after Easter Sunday. It is not, as many people think, the Saturday before Easter Sunday. That is Holy Saturday.

Palm Sunday started a Sunday before Easter.

Like Christmas, Easter itself is a period of time rather than just a day. It is actually a seven-week season of the church year called Eastertide, the Great Fifty Days that begins at sundown the evening before Easter Sunday (the Easter Vigil) and lasts for six more Sundays until Pentecost Sunday (some traditions use the term Pentecost to include these Fifty Days between Easter and Pentecost Sunday). These seven Sundays are called the Sundays of Easter, climaxing on the seventh Sunday, the Sunday before Pentecost Sunday.

Resurrection Sunday, Easter Sunday, and Resurrection Day. Hope this helps

50 days after Easter Sunday is the day after Pentecost Sunday.

No It falls after Easter and before Ttrinity Sunday

In 2011, Easter Sunday falls on April 24 so 40 days before Easter Sunday would be March 15, 2011.

Yes it was. It is the Sunday before Easter Sunday, so it is the Sunday before Holy Thursday, which is when the last supper was.

seventh sunday after easter 4 letters startin with -h-t

Palm Sunday is a Christian holiday--the Sunday before Easter.

Lent actually ends on holy Saturday, before Easter Sunday.

Easter Sunday 2014 was on the 20th of April, so Easter Friday, which is the Friday after Easter Sunday, would be on the 25th of April. You may have meant Good Friday, the Friday before Easter Sunday, which was on the 18th of April.

Good Friday. In Christian religions, it is the day on which Jesus was crucified.

Good Friday. Which was the day Christ died and on the third day he rose, which is now called Easter Sunday.

Pentecost is always 7 weeks after Easter Sunday; that is, 49 days after Easter Sunday, or 50 days (if you include Easter Sunday in the count). The Wikipedia article "Computus" (a) explains you the - fairly complicated - procedure to calculate Easter Sunday; and (b) lists the date for Easter Sunday, for several years before and after the current year.

Easter Sunday is usually celebrated with family and friends. A Catholic may celebrate with Mass on Easter Sunday or the night before, called the Easter Vigil. It is a joyfull day of happiness because the Lord has Risen from the dead and has overcome this world and it's evil and has thereby given all a chance to do the same.

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