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University of Liverpool. The University of Birmingham have also recently launched a new online MBA


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Q: The UK universities that offer online MBA programs?
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What online program's offer a graduate level education?

Many universities such as the University of Phoenix, American Intercontinental University, and Capella University offer online MBA programs. Online MBA has rated these universities as having the best online MBA programs out there, in that order.

what MBA programs are offered online?

The University of Phoenix and Walden University are both online colleges that offer MBA programs. At, you could get listings of other colleges and universities that also offer this type of online program.

How can I earn a MBA at home online?

An MBA program can be obtained online through a variety of different accredited university programs. The University of Phoenix online is one of the biggest universities that offer home bound MBA programs for stay at home moms.

Are there any distance learning programs for getting a MBA?

Online colleges and universities abound on the internet. Many offer MBA programs. Among them are Capella University, Gonzaga University, Ashford University. Many institutions that offer traditional MBA programs also offer alternative distance learning programs as well.

Is it possible to do MBA from Kenya?

Yes you can. There are many good colleges and universities that offer online MBA programs. Just make sure the school has the appropriate accreditation.

What colleges offer MBA diploma courses through correspondence?

Many colleges and universities offer MBA diploma courses through online learning. Keiser University and the University of Phoenix are two such schools that offer the degree programs online.

How would one be able to take online MBA classes?

More and more universities are offering online MBA programs. Search for those that peak your interest; whether its in-state, out-state, or religious schools. University of Phoenix, Liberty University, and UNC-Greensboro all offer MBA programs.

Where can I get information about MBA programs?

There are many online courses that offer MBA programs. Most community colleges also offer certificates for MBA classes. Check out your local schools and pricings.

Do the best universities for MBA offer any online courses?

Yes, several universities for MBA offer online courses in a variety of subjects. To find out about individual schools and subjects you can go to the website of the individual school or contact them.

Where can I get an MBA online?

If you have a favorite university, that is a good place to start in looking for an MBA online degree. There are many universities that provide online programs. University of Phoenix and Kaplan University cater to those already working full time and offer their programs on line or in intense short sessions.

Are there schools that offer at home MBA programs?

There are many MBA programs that offer wither online or correspondence courses. A few of them are,,, and If finances are an issue there is also

Are there any state universities that offer an online MBA program?

There are a number of brick-and-mortar institutions that offer an MBA as part of the distance learning programs. Your best bet is to do an online search for "MBA online" AND "state university." Notable programs include Ohio State, Indiana University, UCLA and many others. Most require at least a minimal residency, like one weekend per month, or a two-week seminar in the summer, etc.

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