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increase the mobility of the U.S naval fleet

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reduce shipping costs on routes that linked the Atlantic and pacific oceans.

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Q: The US favored building a canal across panama because a canal would?
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Where is panamas capital building?

Panama's Capitol Building is located in "Panama City, Panama.

Why did they choose Panama for building the Panama Canal?

Because it was the thinest place to cut across being only sixty miles long.

When did the Europeans first started thinking about building a canal across Panama?

After the Suez Canal was finished in 1869, the French felt that they could now achieve the Panama Canal.

Was there a sign of manifest destiny in the Panama Canal?

I can not see any connection of the Panama Canal to manifest destiny. The dream of manifest destiny was actualized long before anybody had any serious hope building a canal across Panama.

Where is Panama Canal situated what is its importance?

Panama. It moves ships across Panama.

Where can you find the head of government in panama?

government building in panama city, Panama

Why was building the Panama Canal such a difficult undertake?

because of all the disease infested insects

Why was building they panama canal so dangerous?

It was dangerous because of yellow fever and malarial mosquitoes.

In what year did you start building the panama canal?

I did not begin building the panama canal, and I did not finish it either.

Which president worked with Colombia for the opportunity of building a canal in Panama?

Theodore Roosevelt worked with Colombia for the opportunity of building a canal in Panama.

How many lives were lost during the building of the panama canal?

There were at least 100 lives lost building the Panama canal.

How did the panama canal affect the railroad traveling across America?

because it might flood over the us