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Many cars can have the ac compressor bypassed. Buying a belt for the same model vehicle without ac should be the correct length for a replacement.

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Q: The ac compressor is locked up can i by pass it with the serpentine belt-if so what is the size of the belt bypassing the ac compressor.?
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What is the length of serpentine belt on 1995 jeep grand Cherokee 5.2 without AC. Compressor locked up and want to bypass compressor without installing bypass pulley?

NAPA 25-070825 or Dayco 5070825 These belts will work for installing/bypassing with no A/C

Will a 1998 Chrysler sebring still run once the serpentine belt is replaced even if air compressor is locked up?

Same problem and question, compressor locked up. Battery won't keep a charge. Does the belt send charge to battery?

Air conditon makes serpentine belt brake?

Clutch bearing on air compressor is locked up. some are replaceable call Advance Auto.

AC compressor is broken on 1997 sunfire do you need to repair it if you don't want air?

Nothing if the compressor bearings are good. Just unplug the wires at the compressor or pull the fuse. If the compressor is locked up or the bearings are shot, then you need to purchase a belt for a 1997 Pontiac Sunfire that came from the factory without A/C. Install the belt, bypassing the compressor, and just leave the compressor alone.

Can you bypass ac on Hyundai Sonata with another serpentine belt?

The AC compressor was locked on my Sonata 2004 - V6-2.7. The original serpentine belt broke. I bypassed it with a Duralast 6PK1700 (OLD NO. 670K6). The autotensioner has to be removed to install the belt.

Ac compressor on auto locked up when recharging?

The compressor locked up because it was low on oil in the first place and when you recharged it with freon it had no lubricant.

How do you test a compressor?

To test a compressor if locked up read the tag on compressor for locked rotor amps, then bypass safety therm-o-switch found under protective black cover on compressor, and with a clamp-on amp meter momentarily run compressor to check amperage.

Why does the belt break when ac is turned on?

AC compressor is locked up.

Ac fuse keeps blowing?

Compressor may be locked up.

How do I know if my 1994 Cadillac Fleetwood brougham RWD ac compressor is locked up or just needs freon?

The belt has been squaling for the last 2 days. This morning the compressor pulley locked down and ruined the belt. The belt started smoking. It was blowing hot air and I am sure needed freon before this. I took off the serpentine belt and tried to turn the pulley on the compressor. It is locked down tight. Was there a safety feature on these compressors when they got low on freon, to lock down like this and not turn to prevent burning them up? Would refilling the system with 134A kick it back on?? I did notice the 10 amp fuse blew as well, replaced it and nothing changed. Or is it time for a new compressor?

How do you remove an AC compressor pulley that's frozen on a 1994 Chevy S-10 pickup 6 cylinder?

It probably is the compressor that is locked up. If it is ok until the a/c is turned on, the compressor is locked up. If it is just the pulley bearing a special puller is required to remove the pulley and bearing.

How do you unlock a auto air compressor?

if its locked, it has a serious problem and probably needs replaced

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