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Q: The act of reasoning from factual knowledge or evidence?
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Why is Scientific knowledge not possible through the act of perception?

Because knowledge is based on evidence, perception is not. (Although that does depend on the interpretation of the wrod "perception")

What does education for life means?

1. (n.)educationthe act or process of imparting or acquiring general knowledge and of developing the powers of reasoning and judgment.

What is factual guilt?

Factual guilt is when someone is guilty of an act, but not found guilty in court.Technical (procedural) guilt is when someone is guilt of an act and found guilty in court.

What is an education like?

This answer is from the dictionary. The act or process of imparting or acquiring general knowledge, developing the powers of reasoning and judgment, and generally of preparing oneself or others intellectually for mature life. That is what it means.

What has the author S C Sarkar written?

S. C. Sarkar has written: 'mistake of fact in evidence act Commentary on Indian Evidence Act, 1872 (Act no. 1 of 1872)' -- subject(s): Evidence (Law) 'mistake of fact in evidence act Commentary on Indian Evidence Act, 1872 (Act no. 1 of 1872)' 'Commentary on Indian Evidence Act, 1872 (Act no. 1 of 1872)'

How do we study and think?

At its most basic studying is the act of learning about a subject or subjects.Thinking is more problematic and more of a philosophical question. It could be the act of integrating new knowledge to fit with what is already known, solving a problem through deductive reasoning or simply considering the beauty of a panorama.What I do is think, I have no idea what you do.

By how far is the definition of Evidence in the Indian Evidence Act complete?

The definition of "Evidence" in the Indian Evidence Act, 1872, is in itself complete. The expression of the word in the Act is inclusive rather than conclusive. The Act in interpreting "Evidence" is relatively indicative of ascertainment of the magnitude of appreciation of the evidence. It is expressed in the Act as signification of the words uttered and things exhibited by witnesses before a Court of Justice. The definition of "Evidence" covers (a) the evidence of witnesses, and (b) documentary evidence. It does not cover everything that Court has before it. "Evidence" is adduced to prove or disprove any fact the truth of which is submitted to judicial investigation. Thus, mere inclusion of something as evidence without significance of its exhibition to establish logical inference of facts existence can be regarded as inconclusive interpretation of the expression.

What is an unsafe act?

An unsafe act (of a criminal conviction) is based on inadequate evidence

Examples of act of man?

this is very simple.act of human means that either the will or knowledge is absent while human act is the complete presence of the will and the knowledge.

What must people have if they are to act?

Knowledge and desire

Investment is a carefully planned speculation?

Speculation is defined as an act done without any knowledge and understanding with the sole object of positive results. It is more of a conjecture without any firm evidence. Investment on the other hand is a subject of deep understanding and based on logical or evidence based decision.

Can agency be registered under NGO act 1959?

NO, because as per as my knowledge there is no such act.