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Q: The admission fee at an amusement park is $4.00 for children and $5.60 for adults. On a certain day, 323 people entered the park, and the admission fees collected totaled 1572 dollars. How many children and how many adults were admitted?
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When was Hymns for the Amusement of Children created?

Hymns for the Amusement of Children was created in 1771.

What is the price of the Magowan's Infinite Mirror Maze in san francisco?

$5 per person for all day admission. Children 5 and under are admitted for free.

What does it cost to get into the Riverbanks Zoo?

The Riverbanks Zoo is a famous zoo in South Carolina. The admission charge for adults is $11.75. Children aged three to twelve are admitted for $9.25 and children two and under are admitted free. Concessionary entry for senior citizens or those with valid military ID is $10.75.

What is boxing in the US?

amusement (generally of children)

What is the cost of a child's daily admission to Animal Kingdom in Florida?

It matters what season it is. During value season, 1 day admission is $99.05 for children. During regular season, 1 day admission is $107.57 for children. During peak season, 1 day admission is $120.35 for children.

What is a jack-in-the-box toy used for?

amusement (generally of children)

How much do you have to pay to get into six flages?

Admission Cost General Admission- $49.99 Children Under 48"- $34.99 Children 2 & Under- FREE.

How much do you pay for Six Flags?

Admission Cost- General Admission - $49.99 Children Under 48" - $34.99 Children 2 & Under - FREE.

Can you give an example of a sentence using the word amusement?

The children found great amusement in the clown's silly antics during the birthday party.

What is admission charge?

An admission charge or an admission fee is, generally, a set amount charged at the entrance to an event, prior to guests or customers being permitted to enter. The price may vary for groups such as Adults, Children under 12, Senior Citizens, and Students, if the fee differs at all.Customers might encounter an admission charge to places like:a zooan amusement parka water parka concert venuean art gallerya symphonya playa sporting eventa nightclub (might be called a cover charge)Some US National Parks and Monuments.In Europe, tourists pay an admission fee to visit cathedrals.

How much does it cost to get in at Silver Springs?

Silver Springs Admission General /Senior Admission $29.99 Children (age 3-10) $24.99 Children (age 0-2) Free

How many children are lost at amusement parks?

About 2 if you don't take care of them but if you keep an eye on them all the way through an amusement park then pretty much you won't loose any at all. It also depends what amusement park you are going to .