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The assistant manager in my last position is lying to customers and my co workers about my departure and it is ruining my reputation in the small town I work in what can i do?

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February 26, 2007 5:48PM

Get proof and sue them for libel and defimation of character. If what they are lying about is affecting you in any way, take them to court. The more evidence you can accumulate in your favor that is from reliable sources and can be presented to an attorney for analysis, the better your chances will be in reaching a good outcome. Part of that evidence needs to address the monetary impact the defamation has caused upon you. If a prospective employer states that you were not hired for a position solely due to some defamatory remark against you which was made in the course of checking your work history through your previous employer, that needs to come out. Such action can be assessed in terms of money. It is not enough to go to court for vindication, feeling unjustly treated, expecting a favorable response by the judge; the court must see that some tangible damage has been done in order to find in your favor. Once that is done by a preponderance of evidence, then you stand a chance of being compensated for whatever damages you suffered. If all you suffered was confined to ill will and bad feelings, the court may have nothing with which to measure that against the dollar amounts it must use in order to restore some measure of justice. It is always best to consult with an attorney who resides in the area local to you for the purpose of weighing your options before proceeding. If damage has been done, and money becomes involved, and you have proof, and the law was broken, an attorney is what you need to bring the evidence before a judge.