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Q: The atomic mass unit is presently based on assigning an exact integral mass to an isotope of what?
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Standard atomic mass is based on what element?

Carbon 12 isotope weighs exactly 12 atomic mass units thank you the other person who said it was B is a douche

The atomic structure of isotope?

the atomic structure of an isotope is cyristal like

What is the average atomic mass of an element is the average atomic masses of what kind of isotopes?

average atomic massof an element=(Atomic mass of first isotope X % of that isotope) + (Atomic mass of second isotope X % of the second isotope)

Why is the atomic mass not a nice even number?

Because most elements that have at least one isotope stable against radioactive decay have more than one such isotope. The individual isotopes have integer mass numbers, but the naturally occurring abundances of the various isotopes do not usually have any integral ratios to one another, and the atomic mass is a weighted average of the isotope masses.

How can you dertermine the number of neutrons in a isotope?

Subtract the atomic number of the isotope from its atomic mass number to obtain the number of neutrons in an isotope.

How does the atomic number relate to the number of protons in an atom?

Atomic Mass (of an isotope) - number of protons (of an isotope) = number of neutrons (of an isotope)

How do you find the atomic number of an isotope?

The atomic number of an isotope is always identical to every other isotope, otherwise, it would form a separate element.

What is the atomic number of isotope?

Well all Isotopes have the same atomic number so if you have the element the atomic number of an element with that same isotope is that same atomic number.

How many neutrons is in californium?

153 neutrons in the most stable isotope Number of neutrons = Atomic mass of an isotope - atomic number. Atomic mass of the most stable isotope of Cf is 251. Atomic number of Cf is 98.

What is an isotope that has the atomic number 190 and mass number 78?

There is no such isotope. The highest atomic number is 118. The question is erroneous. The isotope platinum-190 has the atomic number 78, the mass number 190 and the atomic mass 189,959 932(6).

What is the most common isotope for boron?

BORON 511 atomic#=5, atomic mass = 11 (for most common isotope)

What does the atomic mass equals the number of?

An isotope's mass number is the sum of the protons and neutrons in each atomic nucleus of the isotope.