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The biomolecule responsible for quick energy in an organism is glucose. Glucose can be derived from a number of food types, chiefly carbohydrates.


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Adenosine-5'-triphosphate (ATP)

The amygdala is the brain structure that is responsible for quick reactions. These types of quick reactions can be aggressive or meant to be helpful. This area is also responsible for fear.

No, hamburgers do not give you quick energy.

Fruit is a quick source of energy. Granola bars and bread, cake and cookies are all a quick source of energy.

potential and kinetic energy

Liquid Vitamin B is used for quick energy. Powdered Vitamin C mixed with minerals is also used for quick energy. There are many supplements that claim to boost your energy levels.

A capacitor and a battery will both store electrical energy for quick release. A spring will store mechanical energy for quick release. ATP in the body will enable energy stored in the body to be released quickly.

This is an instant released energy.

The Golgi bodies store energy for quick release adian

A simple carbohydrate is sugar and provides quick energy.

One is long and one is quick... Simply that...Simply orange

Carrots are a good source of energy. They boost you metabolism and are full of antioxidants. Whether or not you think they would provide quick energy is your choice.

Quick energy is in the form of ATP (adenine triphoshate). You get this type of energy in high sugary substances like instant glucose tablets and chocolates, etc.

Pasta does not give you quick energy. Pasta is made up of complex carbohydrates that provide slow-release energy. However, it is important to note that while pasta may be low in sources of quick energy, there is a significant amount of sugar in spaghetti sauce. Sugar is a simple carbohydrate, which means it provides quick energy. Assuming "spaghetti" is a combination of both pasta and spaghetti sauce, I would say it is a source of both quick and slow-releasing energy.

Sugar, a carbohydrate, gives you a quick energy burst, and then usually a quick let down.

They can be... Starchy carbs are slow release but Sugar carbs are quick release

It gives supply of quick energy

Carbohydrates are basically used for quick energy

We get most of our "quick" energy from carbohydrates but also energy from proteins and fats.

Lipids act as an energy storge.It have high energy generating cofficient.

guardian quick crossword? Seven down? it's mutant.

People use energy drinks for a quick energy boost, and/or when they don't have time to eat or sleep.

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