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The bonding of carbon dioxide to hemoglobin produces methemoglobin. This is an important chemical in the immune system of the human body.

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Does covalent bonding produce ions?

No. Ionic bonding produces ions. Covalent bonding usually produces molecules.

Which body system produces hemoglobin?

the stomach produces hemoglobin to protect its walls from being digested by itself

What is the difference of human and pig hemoglobin?

practically no difference. In both the hemoglobin has the same job, bonding with oxygen.

How many CO2 is found in hemoglobin?

At the end of each protein chain in a hemoglobin (4) there is a amine group for the CO2 to bind to...therefore it can hold 4.

What is compound formed after bonding of carbon dioxide to hemoglobin?


Is CO2 a ionic bond?

No it is covalent bonding

Does hemoglobin carry carbon dioxide?

CO2 binds to the N-terminus of the alpha globin molecule of hemoglobin

What is responsible for the RBC's ability to transport oxygen and CO2?


What ions or molecules stimulate release of oxygen by hemoglobin?


What reaction produces water?

Combustion leads to water forming as it is typical for CO2 to be produced along with water (H2O) when burning a standard fuel such as wood. Ionic bonding does not produce water. The Bonding of two hydrogen atoms to every oxygen atom is known as covalent bonding. Ionic bonding only occurs between a non-metal and metal atoms.

What source produces the most CO2?

Nature produces over 90% of all CO2. Heating, cooling and powering our homes and buildings makes up over half of the CO2 man produces. Automobiles produce about 33% of our CO2 contribution. In total man contributes 3 to 6% of the total CO2.

Is carbon dioxide picked up by hemoglobin and red blood cells?

Yes, some CO2 is returned to the lungs by hemoglobin transport.

What produces H2O and CO2?


The phenomenon involving the greater combination of CO2 with hemoglobin at a lower Po2 and at a lower degree of hemoglobin saturation with O2 is called the?

Haldane effect

What has primarily ionic bonding na2o3 na2o co2 ccl4?


Yeast fermentation produces what?

ethanol and CO2

The ingreadient in bread that produces CO2 is?


Burning fossil fuels produces?


Cellular respiration produces water and what?


How are oxygen and carbon dioxide transported on the same hemoglobin molecule?

They're not. Hemoglobin is involved in O2 transport only, CO2 is carried as carbonic acid.

Why does hemoglobin accept oxygen molecules in the lungs but gives up oxygen molecules in tissue?

In the lungs where the oxygen concentration is high the binding of oxygen tohemoglobin is high. In respiring tissue where the oxygen levels are low and the CO2 levels are high the affinity of hemoglobin for oxygen is reduced and so the oxygen comes off the hemoglobin and is used by the cells. The driving force for this is the Bohr Effect whereby CO2 produced by the respiring cells dissolves in the blood as follows CO2 + CO2 --> H2CO3 --> H+ + HCO3-. The H+ produced bind to the hemoglobin and in doing so displace the oxygen

What is the role of red blood cell?

It transport respiratory gases,Oxygen and CO2. It has hemoglobin for that.

What are the positive points of nuclear energy?

Produces no CO2 emissionsProduces a lot of energy

Explain how photosynthesis and cell respiration are connected?

cell respiration consumes oxygen and sugars and produces CO2, photosynthesis consumes CO2 and produces oxygen and sugars

What is the significance of hemoglobin in respiration?

Hemoglobin is involved in transport of oxygen (as well as a small amount of CO2). Hemoglobin contains an iron molecule at the center; it is the site of oxygen binding. When we obtain oxygen through respiration, it binds to hemoglobin in the blood and is then transported throughout the body.

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