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What is Willie referring to when he talk about the " marks of his sins"?

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Q: The book goodnight mr tom what happens in chapter 3?
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Where can you get online chapter summaries on goodnight mister tom?

search goodnight mr. tom on

What is the title of the sequel to the book goodnight mister tom?

There is no sequel to Goodnight Mister Tom.

What is chapter nine called in goodnight mister Tom?

birthday boy

When was the book Goodnight Mister Tom written?

Goodnight Mr. Tom was first published in 1981 by Michelle Magorian.

What book is tom oakley in?

Goodnight Mister Tom by Michelle Magorian

Who is Mr Tom in the book goodnight Mr Tom?

Annie Hartidge is the school teacher

Is goodnight mister tom a series?

Goodnight Mister Tom is a book. It is only one book but is very good. It is by a great author called Michelle Magorian. It has now become a TV series.

What happened in chapter 5 of goodnight mister tom?

In Chapter 5 of "Goodnight Mister Tom," Will and Zach are introduced. Will is a stubborn and independent boy who is sent to live with Mister Tom during World War II. Zach is a lively and artistic evacuee who quickly becomes friends with Will. The chapter sets the stage for the boys' developing friendship and their adventures in the countryside.

Is Goodnight Mister Tom a true story?

ive read this book ... no its not a true story,its fictional

When was Goodnight Mister Tom published?

Goodnight Mister Tom was published in 1981.

When was Michelle Magorian first book published?

Her first book, Goodnight Mister Tom, was published in 1981.

What is the ISBN of Goodnight Mister Tom?

The ISBN of Goodnight Mister Tom is 0722657013.