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It was and is known as the RAF

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What was the British Royal Air Force know as?

It was and still is known as the RAF.

What was the British air force called in World War 2?

The british air force is known as the RAF; royal air force. The Deutsche Luftwaffe or Luftwaffe (German: "Air Arm", IPA: ['luftvafə]) is the commonly used term for the German air force.The Royal Air Force. They are still called this today.

What is the british air force called in WW2?

The British air force was, and still is called the Royal Air Force.

Was royal air force officially named as Pakistan air force?

The British Royal Air Force has NEVER been named "Pakistan air force" - and Pakistan has never had a Royal Air Force.

What was the term by which the Royal Air Force was best known?

The Royal Air Force was possibly best known just as the RAF.

What was the name for the british airforce in World War 2?

The Royal Air Force, better known as the RAF.

What was the british air force called in ww2?

the royal air force aka the RAF

What is the RAF?

It is the Royal Air Force, the air-force wing of the British armed forces.

Term by which the royal air force was best known?

Very simply the Royal Air Force or just the R.A.F

What country is home to the Royal Air Force?

The Royal Air Force also known as the RAF is the aerial warfare division of the British Armed Forces. They serve the United Kingdom but have several long established overseas bases.

Does England have an armed forces?

England has armed forces. The armed forces are commonly known as the British Armed Forces. The British armed forces consist of the Royal Navy and Royal Marine Corps, the British Army and the Royal Air Force.

What was the British air force Call?

it was called royal navy

What were the British and German air forces called?

British = Royal Air Force, RAF German = Luftwaffe

British air force and leader in World War 2?

Royal Air Force and Winston Churchill.

What is the British royal air force?

The Royal Air Force is a branch of service for the air force in UK. The RAF was established as a seperate branch in 1917 (whereas the US did not establish a seperate air force until 1947).

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