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Q: The collision and joining of crustal fragments to a continent is called continental?
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The collision and joining of crustal fragments to a continent?

mamga <-Lies get out. Accretion is the correct awnser.

What are some geographic settings where intrusive and extrusive igneous rocks form?

Most definitely in oceanic-continental crustal plate collision areas, such as along the "ring of fire".

Which landform results from divergence of continental crust?

divergence of continental crust create rift zones e.g.east african rift valley.firstly,divergence will create updoming of the area.after that step faulting will take place and that will result in narrow linear sea formation like red sea.finally separation of land and ocean ridge will occur.

What is the term for a piece of crust which has been in a collision along a convergent crustal boundary and become accreted to another crustal plate?


When a continental crustal plate collides with an oceanic crustal plate the continental crust is forced to move over the oceanic crust What is the primary reason that the continental crust stays on?

Continental crust is less dense than oceanic crust.

When the ocean floor collides with a crustal plate what happens?

it subducts underneath the crustal plate

What crustal rocks found beneath the continents?

continental crust

What is the meaning of crustal brecciation?

It's my personal opinion! :D > Crustal Brecciation :: The process of fusing fragments of older rocks together in order to build a monolithic surface.

Does an ocean crustal plate rises at a convergent boundary with a continental plate?

No. It subducts under the continental plate.

Oceanic-continental convergent plate boundary.?

oceanic-continental convergent plate boundary has what kind of crustal rocks

What do geologists call small accreted crustal fragments that have a geologic history distinct from adjacent blocks?


Large scale folding of the earths crust may be caused by what?

the collision of sub-crustal plates :)