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Q: The colors we see in a rainbow form the range of colors called the?
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Why don't you get a rainbow when it snows?

rainbows are formed when it rains. when the ray of sunlight passes on a raindrop (which is in form of water), the ray of light breaks and the broken ray of light turns into different colors which are the rainbow colors. this process is called refraction.

What angle does it take for these colors to form in a Rainbow?

40 cm angle

Do the all of the rainbow colors form to white?

Light is actually white, but when you put it through a special type of mirror, it turns into a rainbow.

What are the colors that form the other rainbow colors?

The colors of the rainbow are RED ORANGE YELLOW GREEN BLUE INDIGO VIOLET.Red, Yellow & blue are primary so no colors make up them.Green=Yellow+BlueViolet=Blue+RedIndigo=Violet+Blue

When is rainbow formed?

When sunlight passes through raindrops, the drops scatter the light which then appears to the onlooker to form a band of colors in the sky - or as we call it, a rainbow.

How can white light be split to form a rainbow?

Artificially, a rainbow can be produced by passing white light (sunlight) through a prism. The light passing through the prism constitutes the seven colors of the rainbow.

What does a rainbow looks like?

A rainbow can form when it rains. It consists of seven different colors. The colors are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet.

Why does it look like a ranibow when you hold up water to the sun?

The sun reflects off of the water to form cool colors like rainbow colors. God just created it that way.

What is the possessive form of the noun cakes?

The possessive form of the plural noun cakes is cakes'.Example: The cakes' colors formed a rainbow in the showcase.

Why are color colors?

Colors are colors because it makes the world more interesting. I'm kidding when you have a prism, and you shine a light through it (cristal or glass prism) it makes a rainbow. How do rainbows form in the sky? Rainbows form because the light is shining through the water in a different place where it is raining.

How wavelength range for brown color?

A brown color is a color combination of red, orange and green--those colors are not adjacent in the visible colors of a rainbow so they do not combine to form a visible brown. The colors which normally make up the BROWN color, however, ARE ALL PRESENT in a rainbow, but are not present in the color combination we call brown. Note: I found this statement in the Ask a Scientist Physics Archive at On a computer or TV display, brown is generated as a sort of dim yellow or orange.

How does a a rainbow form?

Going through a prism, light is decomposed into every color in it. The sunlight shining through the droplets of moisture in the Earth's atmosphere make the spectrum of light appear in a semi-circular form. Keep in mind that the colors you can see is only the colors that can be seen by the human eye - infra-red and infra violet will be present in a rainbow but will not be visible to us.