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The common name of cassava?

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A common plant name is yucca.

A common food name is tapioca.

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What is the common name of cassava?

Manioc is the common name of cassava.

What is the Latin name of cassava?

The Latin name, or Scientific name for cassava is Manihot esculenta.

What is the shape of a cassava leaf?

The cassava plant has a trefoil leaf where the three leaflets share a common stem.

What is cassava products?

Cassava products are the products produced from cassava, a kind of tuber, which is a staple in some African countries. Most Asian countries also use these products. The common products from cassava are cassava paste (steamed or unsteamed), cassava chips and flour, cassava granules (steamed or toasted), and the fresh roots of cassava. Other products produced from cassava are casava breads,alcohol,starch,pudding etc.

What is the most common food eaten in the Caribbean?


What is the scientific name of cassava?

Cassava, also called manioc or yuca, is the plant Manihot esculenta.

What is Scientific name of cassava?

Manihot esculenta.

Scientific name of CASSAVA?

monihot esculenta

What is the botanical name for cassava?

Manihot esculenta

Botanical name of cassava?

Manihot esculenta

What is the scientific name of cassava leaf?

Manihot Esculenta

Which is a dicot sugarcane cassava banana coconut?


What is the common name of a cassava?

A tropical woody plant grown for its starchy root, Manihot esculenta is know by the common names cassava, mandioc, mandioca, manihot, tapioca and yuca. It is in the same plant family as poinsettia, croton and crown-of-thorns and is a very important agricultural crop, providing carbohydrates to a significant portion of the worlds population.

What is a slogan for the cassava?

cassava is cool

How do you say Cassava in Swahili?

mhogo (cassava)

What is the scientific name for the Lepidoptera known as the Cassava hornworm?

The accepted scientific name is Erinnyis alope.

How is cassava beer made?

The Caribs made cassava beer by chewing the cassava in their mouth and then spits it out to get it rich.

Where did cassava come from?

Cassava is native to South America.

What is Ubugali?

Cassava Porridge ---- Cassava is a root vegetable.

What are the uses of cassava?

AnswerCassava can be used to make food. There is a Nigerian dish called Gari, it is a grain made out of Cassava. Cassava can also be used to make starch or glue.

Scientific name of tapioca?

Manihot esculenta

What is the future of cassava in the ethanol market?

the uses of cassava and its usefulness.

What is the stressed syllable for cassava?

Cassava is stressed on the second syllable.

Is cassava a tap root?

yes cassava is a tap root

What has the author Truman P Phillips written?

Truman P. Phillips has written: 'Cassava utilization and potential markets' -- subject(s): Cassava as feed, Cassava as food, Cassava industry