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punctuated equilibrium

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The concept that evolution is the result of long periods of stability interrupted by geologically brief periods of significant change is known as?

The answer from Castle Learning is Punctuated Equilibrium.

What is the concept that evolution occurs over long period of stability that are interrupted by geologically brief periods of change known as?

This concept is known as Punctuated Equilibrium. A theory developed by Steven J Gould and Niles Eldridge.

Do you capitalize the concept of Evolution?


The modern concept of evolution?

The modern concept of evolution is the adaptation of animals due to natural selection and environmental changes.

Why concept of evolution is defined as a scientific theory what must be true about the concept of evolution?

It's been tested and found "not to be false".

Does the theory of Evolution disprove the concept of reincarnation?

Evolution was the starting point for Reincarnation.

What was Lamarck's mechanisms for evolution?

The concept of acquired characteristics and the concept of use and disuse.

Explain the relative nuclear stability using the concept of finding energy?

'Concept of finding energy'? Nuclear energy is produced by nuclear instability, not stability. I don't understand your question

Who introduced the concept of evolution?

Charles Darwin

Why is evolution a core concept of biology?

it is becasue

What is contingent evolution?

Contingent evolution is one of the forces of Darwin's theory of evolution. It is based on the concept of how power of accidents and happenstance shape the course of evolution.

What is Charles Darwin is famous for?

he demonstrated the concept of evolution

Darwins concept of evolution was not influenced by?

This was not influenced by Ape's.

What is the abstract noun for stability?

The noun 'stability' is an abstract noun as a word for a state of being resistant to change and not prone to fluctuations; a word for a concept.

What was Darwin's concept of evolution not influenced by?

Knowledge to the structure of DNA.

Which theory is closely associated with the concept of kinship?

the evolution theory

What is it called when the evolution occurs slowly but steadily?

This is the concept of gradualism.

How does the evolution of the horse exemplify the concept that evolution is driven by the interactions of the organism and its environment?

What is trim and stability in the ship?

The science of process of distribuiting weights (cargo, fuel, ballast, etc.) to ensure optimum trimming, and adequate stability. On a ship, trim is the difference between the forward draft and the after draft, however, when you refer to "trim and stability", the concept also refers to the concept of list (side to side inclination).

Which concept is not included in the modern theory of evolution?

ask mr smiley

What hypothesis proposes that evolution occurs slowly but steadily?

This is the concept of gradualism.

Does it say in the Bible that it is forbiddin to be with someone who believes in evolution?

No. Evolution had not been developed as a concept back then. It does say not to be unequally yoked with unbelievers.

The idea that evolution occurs at a slow steady rate is called?

This is the concept of gradualism.

What government theory is most closely associated with the concept of kinship?

The evolution theory

What is an important concept in darwins theory of evolution by natural selection?

Descent with modification

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