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The cost of Clothes and Uniforms for school?


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A typical school uniform costs around $10 for the shirt and $15 for the pants.Jackets are also about $10. You could be required to own at least two uniforms, which can cost up to 70 dollars.

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The average cost for a years worth of school uniforms are between 110$ to 140$ compared to some normal school students who spend almost 500 dollars on clothes through the school year.

-You cant wear clothes you want to wear -School uniforms can be very expensive -School uniforms can be uncomfertable -You are forced to wear clothes you dont want to wear

they just wear regular clothes. they do not wear school uniforms

uniforms can be as low as $100 to $150

I'm a student in Canada and a good selection of clothes for about a year is 170ish it depends where you get the uniform.

it means wear the school clothes every time

yes, school uniforms do help students. i myself am a student that goes to a school where you have to wear uniforms and it helps with the teasing and some of the drama. if you wear uniforms, you dont have to worry about a child being teased for their clothes.(:

School Uniforms cost about $140 for about one!

uniforms are stupid and cost to much money so they shouldn't use 'em

-You cant express yourself as well -You cant wear the clothes you want to wear -School uniforms can be expensive and you probably need multible school unifroms for the week and school year, meaning poorer family -School uniforms can be itchy or uncomfertable -School uniforms can be ugly/nerdy looking

In come cases no but schools like that can order their uniforms in big orders which is often cheaper than regular clothes.

it would be more comfortable not to wear school uniforms but if we wear our own clothes then we are more likely to get teased because of the type of clothes or whether its designer etc - i hoped this helped

So all kids are wearing appropriate clothes.

No not many kids like school uniforms. They would rather express themselves then wear uniforms. Although some are for it because there would be no teasing about how cheap or how someones clothes that they wore to school were.

For one pair of good quality school uniforms it may cost you between 250 - 280 dollars. The thing is at my school they recommend that you buy at least 2 - 3 sets so the total price of my uniforms are 567.93$

Most schools will usually make you pay for school uniforms. You must likely will also have to purchase gym clothes for physical education.

You can find some school uniforms for a cheap gift for your grandkids by going to for a wide variety and they are fashionable comfortable clothes.

you shouldn't have uniforms cause they are a waste of time and money... Uniforms are plain simple boring and saren't expressive.. Normal clothes are creative and expressive...

No, because the uniforms are about $30-$50 and a new outfit at wal-mart is about the same. In most cases, buying several school uniforms is going to be a lot less then purchasing other clothes, particularly if the child is going to whine about having various in fashion items that cost a premium.

Yes, because in lots of school that does not have uniforms, there are students who get bullied frequently because they can not afford fashionable clothes. So there are school uniforms, there will be less bullying going around the school. Unless you have to but something for your school uniform then you will get picked on if your pants are dirty and so on, but seriously.

i hate school uniforms but it i think it would be easier because we wouldn't have a hard time picking out clothes and some people would get made fun of because of their clothes and we can use the money for other stuff

-kids cant express themselves, wouldnt a school look kinda stale if everyone wore the same thing? -school uniforms are boring or nerdy looking, -school uniforms can be expinsive, leaving less money to buy clothes YOU want to buy -school uniforms nay be uncomfortable

In a year the price of school uniforms may be between 150 - 230 dollars.

No we do wear uniforms we wear regular clothes.

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