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Medium to large cities

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Q: The council manager plan of city government is most successful in what size cities?
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The council - manager plan or city government is most successful in what size cities?

homogeneous cities -> Small to Medium sized cities

Which form has a professional trained manager to help govern cities?

Council-Manager form of government.

What are the three forms of government by which Texas cities operate?

mayor-council, city commission, and council-manager

Why has the council-manager form if city government replaced the mayor-council form in many cities?

I am not sure

Who appoints the cities manager?

The City Council

What is council form of municipal government?

Most cities have a mayor council form of government. Both the mayor and the council are elected and make decisions that are based on the good of the city.

Who is leader of the municipal government?

In Canadian politics, the leader of the Municipal Government is called a Council-chief Administrative Officer (CAO). A CAO may be known as the city administrator, municipal manager or city commissioner and is largely a modified version of the council-manager system popular in the US.

The most common plan of government for larger cities is?

council plan

Who presides over Utah's local government?

Most Utah cities have a council and Mayor.

Who runs the town?

Generally, a city government is run by a mayor. She or he works with a city council or other form of elected government. The mayor is usually elected. Sometimes cities are run by a city manager who is appointed or hired by the city council.

What was the Persian Empire's government?

Local government by cities, tribes and princelings; Persian provincial governors; acentral control by a king and his council.

Who are the lawmakers in cities?

There are many names for such bodies. The Common Council is one. A city council is the legislative body that governs a city, municipality or local government area.