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Forest floorThe deciduous forest layer that gets the least sunlight is the forest floor.

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Q: The deciduous forest layer that gets the least sunlight is the?
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What layer of a tropical rain forest receives the least sunlight?

The forest floor receives the least amount of sunlight.

Which layer of the rainforest gets the least sunlight?

Temperate diciduous

What types of weasels live in a temperate deciduous forest?

Long & Short-Hair weasels The Least Weasel

What biome has the least amount change in temperature?

Tropical climates have almost no seasonal variation (since the sun always shines at about the same angle).

Why does Indiana receive least amount of sunlight?

because the sunlight

Which layer of the atmosphere is the least studied?

The Mesosphere is the least studied layer of our atmosphere.

What animals live in the deciduous forest?

There are many different types of animals that live in the deciduous forest biome, but the most common are: 1.) The American Bald Eagle 2.) American Black Bear 3.) Coyote 4.) Duckbill Platypus 5.) Eastern Chipmunk 6.) European Red Squirrel 7.) Fat Dormouse 8.) Least Weasel 9.) White-tailed Deer

What layer is the least dense layer?

The Exosphere.

What will you do when there is no water or sunlight?

If there is no water or sunlight then making electricity is the least of our problems

What does a canopy layer mean?

An estimated 70-90 percent of life in the rainforest exists in the trees, above the shaded forest floor. Primary tropical rainforest is vertically divided into at least five layers: the overstory, the canopy, the understory, the shrub layer, and the forest floor. Each layer has its own unique plant and animal species interacting with the ecosystem around them. The overstory refers to the crowns of emergent trees which soar 20-100 feet above the rest of the canopy. The canopy is the dense ceiling of closely spaced trees and their branches, while the understory is the term for more widely spaced, smaller tree species and juvenile individuals that form a broken layer below the canopy. The shrub layer is characterized by shrubby species and juvenile trees that grow only 5-20 feet off the forest floor. The forest floor is the ground layer of the forest made up of the trunks of trees, fungus, and low-growing vegetation. These layers are not always distinct and can vary from forest to forest, but serve as a good model of the vegetative and mechanical structures of the forest.

Name the four layers of a rainforest describe each layer?

The rain forest has 4 layers. They are the forest floor, the under story, the canopy and last there is the emergent layer.First is the forest floor which is on the bottom. The forest floor is 0 feet above the ground.Next there is the understory. The understory is 0 feet to 60 feet above the ground.Then there is the canopy. The canopy is 60 feet to 130 feet and last but not least the emergent layer is 130 to 160 feet above the ground.

Is the Mantle has most dense or least dense layer of the earth?

It is neither. The densest layer is the inner core. The least dense layer is the crust.