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a heterogeneous substance is when the substance of a mixture is not spread out evenly.

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Is Ca a homogeneous or heterogeneous mixture?

Ca is an element. It is a pure substance, which, by definition, is homogeneous matter, but is not a mixture.

Is iron ore a homogeneous or heterogeneous substance?

Iron ore is a heterogeneous substance.

Is kerosene a heterogeneous substance?

Yes. Kerosene is a heterogeneous substance i.e. a mixture.

Are substances heterogeneous mixtures?

if a substance is a mixture then it is heterogeneous.

Is Jello an heterogeneous substance?

No, it is a homogeneous substance.

Can a heterogeneous material be a compound?

No. By definition heterogeneous material is a mixture.

Is a pure substance heterogeneous?

It wouldn't be Homogeneous or Heterogeneous, cause it is a substance which is not mixed with anything. So it would simply be a compound.

Is wood a homogeneous or heterogenous substance?

wood is a heterogeneous substance..

Is granite a heterogeneous substance?

Yes, granite is heterogeneous matter, i.e. a mixture.

Is granite a homogeneous substance?

No, it is heterogeneous.

Is granite homogeneous or heterogeneous substance?

Granite is a heterogeneous substance. This is due to the fact that it does not appear to be consistently made of one material. An example of a homogeneous substance would be water.

What is homogeneous?

A substance that is uniform in composition is a definition of homogeneous in Chemistry. This is in contrast to a substance that is heterogeneous Usually homogeneous in chemistry refers to a homogenous mixture which is a substance that can technically be separated but still blends with all other materials in the mixture or "in uniform".

Is iron ore homogenous substance?

Iron ore is a heterogeneous substance.

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