The distance and displacement of an object are the same when?


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2009-02-13 18:27:05
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The distance and displacement are the same when the displacement is parallel to itself or straight. Displacement is a vector and distance is a real number or scalar. If an object is displaced around a circle the displacement is zero and the distance is 2pi r.


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when the motion of a object is in straight line than magnitude of distance and displacement are equal

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Displacement is distance from starting point. If the object is always travelling in the same direction then they are the same. If the object turns round, the distance would still be increasing, however the displacement would be decreasing at the same rate.

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when the given object moves in a straight line, then the distance and as well as the displacement have the same magnitude

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Yes. Displacement is change in position. If you move through a distance so that your starting position is the same as your stopping position, your displacement, is zero.

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