The distance and displacement of an object are the same when?

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The distance and displacement are the same when the displacement is parallel to itself or straight. Displacement is a vector and distance is a real number or scalar. If an object is displaced around a circle the displacement is zero and the distance is 2pi r.
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What is the difference between distance and displacement?

Distance is the scalar value of how far an object has traveledregardless of direction. Displacement is the vector value of how far an object has beendisplaced, meaning how far is it from where it started. The better way to describe the difference between displacement anddistance is here. 1. Displac ( Full Answer )

What are the differences between distance and displacement?

displacement is the distance and direction from the starting point to wherever you stopped. distance is how much you traveled to get there. if you went back and forth 20 times that's your distance. that does not effect your displacement in the least. My Answer: Distance is the total length of ( Full Answer )

How are distance and displacement similar?

Distance and displacement are similar because both havemagnitude.However, displacement is a vector quantity since it hasboth magnitude and direction whereas distance is a scalar quantitysince it has only magnitude.

Are the same displacement and distance?

displacement: . distance travel led by a particle in a given interval of time is known as displacement. displacement=distance traveled by time taken.Displacement may be zero. . distance: . it is path length which a particle travels.distance should not be zero.

Distance vs displacement?

Distance is a scalar and Displacement is a vector - a distance in a direction.

What are the similarities between distance and displacement?

Distance is the number registered on your car's odometer. Every time the car moves, the number grows, even if the car is going around in circles. Displacement is the vector constructed by drawing a line between your starting point and your ending point, regardless of what route you followed t ( Full Answer )

What is the different distance and displacement?

Displacement is the vector for position and is a measure of distance from origin to end. Distance is the sum of its distance along any path it took to get from origin to end.

How does distance differ from displacement?

Distance is the total length travelled where as displacement is the length between where you started and where you are now. example.. If you travel in a circular path, around the whole circle and wind up back where you started. Your displacement will be zero but your distance travelled will be the c ( Full Answer )

What is The displacement of an object?

When an object moves in a certain path its diplacement between anytwo points on the path is the straight line distance from the firstpoint to the second point. You should also give the direction ofthis straight line. For example; suppose an object travels in acircle. Then its displacement when it tr ( Full Answer )

How is distance different from displacement?

Displacement is the length and direction of the straight line between the starting point and the ending point, regardless of the route traveled on the way. Distance is the length of the trip from the starting point to the end point, including any twists, turns, curves, switchbacks, hairpins ( Full Answer )

How is distance and displacement the same?

Distance is a scalar and is the total amount of distance you traveled, without direction. If you walk 20m North, then walk 18m South, your distance will be 38m altogether. Therefore to calculate the overall distance in a trip with many legs, you add the magnitudes of the length of each leg without w ( Full Answer )

Can distance and displacement ever be equal?

Yes, in a way.Distance is only a magnitude, and has no direction, so it is just a positive number.Displacement has direction and magnitude, and can also be positive or negative.A displacement of negative 5 miles, a displacement of 5 miles east, or a displacement of 3 miles north and 4 miles west wou ( Full Answer )

Is the resultant displacement the same as the total distance traveled?

Usually no. Say you need to fly to New York from Chicago. The resultant displacement would be the straightline distance between the two cities. But you fly through Atlanta (Everything seems to go through Atlanta). You would end up flying about twice the total distance between the cities.

An object has moved though a distance can it have zero displacement it yes support your answer with an example? object has moved though a distance can it have zero displacement it yes support your answer with an example ". Yes. If a body travel a distance S from X to Y and return to X then distance travelled is 2 S but displacement is zero. In a uniform circular motion, the ( Full Answer )

Is there any example for motion which will have same distance and displacement?

Sure.. If the motion is all in a straight line, then the distance and displacement are equal.. > The Olympic 100-meter sprint is in a straight line. Distance = Displacement = 100 meters.. If the direction of motion ever changes, then the distance and displacement are not equal. (I think if the di ( Full Answer )

Can distance be greater then displacement?

Certainly. Walk once around a circle with diameter 'D'. The distance you travel is [ pi x D ]. Your displacement is zero ... you finish where you started.

Displaced liquid and the weight of an object are the same what would the object do?

If the weight of an object is exactly equal to the weight of displaced liquid ... meaning that the object has exactly the same density as the liquid ... then the object has "neutral buoyancy". It behaves in the liquid as if its weight is zero. Wherever you put it in the liquid, it stays there, neit ( Full Answer )

An object displaces a volume of a fluid that?

Two answers to this: 1. If the object floats on the fluid, then it displaces its own mass in fluid. 2. If the object sinks, it will displace its own volume in fluid.

Will the displacement of a moving object in a given interval of time is zerowould the distance traveled by the object also be zero justify?

Displacement is a vector quantity while distance is a scalarquantity. so in case of displacement, it depends on final position. For example:- If a man walks on a circle, then if he completes oneround then his displacement will be zero because the man is at sameposition as start position. But, his di ( Full Answer )

What is the difference between distance an displacement?

A distance is the length of the straight line path between 2 points. This is also known as a scalar value as it has a magnitude but no direction. A displacement is the distance and the direction between one point and another. This is also known as a vector as it has magnitude and direction as well. ( Full Answer )

What is difference between displacement and distance?

Displacement is a form of distance but unlike distance it is a vector. It has both measure and direction. If I moved 10 meters east then the distance I moved would be 10 m but my displacement would be 10m East as vectors must have a direction to make sense. The distance you traveled is how far you m ( Full Answer )

Can an object have speed but no displacement?

Displacement is distance between initial and final point approach by any body. If body is moving in circular path then after one complete rotation its initial and final point lies on each other i.e difference between initial and final point becomes zero. Hence it may possible for an object to have s ( Full Answer )

Does the odometer in my car measure the distance or the displacement of my travel under what condition would my distance and displacement have the same magnitude explain?

Displacement is the distance between the starting point and the end point. If you drive your car to the office in the morning and drive it home again at night, the odometer shows a gain of, say, 15 miles, even though the displacement is zero ... the car ended up exactly where it started. Even a be ( Full Answer )

Can displacement be equal to total distance traveled by an object?

Yes,the magnitude of both distance and displacement can be same provided the body continues to travel in a straight line and in the same direction. However you should remember that displacement is a vector quantity while distance is a scalar quantity so they both can be compared only by there magnit ( Full Answer )

When is distance and displacement not the same?

Example. Let us say that your school is 4 miles away in a straight line of walking. The trip to and from school is 8 miles and this is the distance you have walked. The displacement is only 4 miles because displacement is a vector dependent on direction and you have erased all but one directi ( Full Answer )

How do you get the distance and displacement if the circumference is given?

the distance is obtained by knowing the perimeter of the circle in question, this Canberra determined using the rule for circle circunfrence. As for the displacement it is the shortest distance between the starting pint of travel and ending. If for example the vehicle traveled around the whole circu ( Full Answer )

How are distance or displacement similar and different?

Displacement is the distance that something has moved. You could have distances between two different objects, and the distance could be constant if the objects do not move. Displacement is always for the same object, and it has to have moved. There is one other sense for the word displacem ( Full Answer )

Why is displacement different than distance?

Displacement is different than distance in that distance refers to how much ground an object has covered when in motion. Displacement is how far out of place the object is, or its overall change in position after being moved.