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The distance and displacement are the same when the displacement is parallel to itself or straight. Displacement is a vector and distance is a real number or scalar. If an object is displaced around a circle the displacement is zero and the distance is 2pi r.

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Q: The distance and displacement of an object are the same when?
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Can an object displacement be greater than the distance the object travels?

no, but it can be same.

Under what condition will the distance and displacement of a moving object have the same magnitude?

when the motion of a object is in straight line than magnitude of distance and displacement are equal

Under what condition will distance and displacement have same magnitude?

when the given object moves in a straight line, then the distance and as well as the displacement have the same magnitude

How do you convert displacement time graph into distance time graph?

Displacement is distance from starting point. If the object is always travelling in the same direction then they are the same. If the object turns round, the distance would still be increasing, however the displacement would be decreasing at the same rate.

Is it possible that an object which has moved through a distance have 0 displacement?

Yes. Displacement is change in position. If you move through a distance so that your starting position is the same as your stopping position, your displacement, is zero.

An object (say car) goes from one point in space to another .After it arrives to its destination its displacement is ( ) than the distance it travelled?

No. The "displacement" is the difference in position, which is not the same as the distance traveled.

Why is displacement different than distance?

Displacement is different than distance in that distance refers to how much ground an object has covered when in motion. Displacement is how far out of place the object is, or its overall change in position after being moved.

Can distance be zero even when displacement is not zero?

No. Distance can be greater than displacement, but not less. The magnitude of the displacement between two points is also the minimum possible distance of a path between the same points.However, the displacement can be zero if the distance is not if the object's starting point and ending point are the same.

What is it called when an object's distance from another object is changing?


What does it mean about your displacement is equal to the distance you traveled?

displacement is equal to the distance you traveled when the object is moving at shortest path

Can displacement be equal to total distance traveled by an object?

Yes,the magnitude of both distance and displacement can be same provided the body continues to travel in a straight line and in the same direction. However you should remember that displacement is a vector quantity while distance is a scalar quantity so they both can be compared only by there magnitude.

What is si unit of distance and displacement?

si unit of distance and displacement is same that is meter.

What is a displacement sensor?

"Displacement sensors measure the distance an object moves and they can also be used to measure object height and width".

Why is displacement of displacement?

The difference between the final and the initial position of an object is called displacement. Unit of displacement is metre . Displacement <= Distance always.

When can a body have same distance and same displacement?

Distance is equal to magnitude of displacement when the motion is in a straight line.

The distance and direction of an object from a starting point?


Distance and direction of an object from its starting point?


When are displacement and distance equal?

Displacement and distance are numerically equal if an object travels in a straight line. However, when indicating displacement, the direction should also always be indicated.

How does the distance moved by an object between its starting point and its ending point compare with the displacement vector between the same point?

The displacement vector is a straight line joining the 2 points. The distance travelled by the point can be anything but never shorter than the displacement.

Does displacement always equal distance traveled?

No. Displacement is how far an object is from its original position. This means that if an object traveled in a circle and returned to its original point, it will have a displacement of 0 while the distance will be whatever the circumference of the circle was. Hope that helps.

Can displacement ever be greater than the total distance traveled by a moving object?

No! Displacement by definition is- "The shortest distance travelled" Enjoy!! Kush

What is the distance and direction an object moves from its starting point?


What describes the distance an object moves in a specific direction?


What is the shortest distance of an object from its initial to its final position?


Can displacement be greater than distance traveled by an object?

It depends on what "it" is.