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Q: The energy transformation that occurs as a rock falls off a cliff.?
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What happens after an an erosion occurs?

The cliff falls down :(

What type of energy transformation is Niagara falls?

potential energy

When a rock falls from a cliff potential energy changes into?

kinetic energy

What type of potential energy does a rock perched on the edge of a cliff have?

A rock at the edge of a cliff has potential energy. This energy may be converted to kinetic energy by the force of gravity if it falls off the cliff.

What energy transformations occur in a fan?

A moving fan is an example of kinetic energy, the energy of objects in motion. An example of potential energy would be a large rock at the edge of a cliff. If the rock falls off the cliff, its potenital energy (energy by virtue of its location), is converted to kinetic energy, energy of its motion, as it falls.

Emission of light from an atoms occurs when an electron?

falls from a higher energy state to a lower energy state.

Was Niagara Falls a cliff?

Niagara Falls --- IS --- a cliff.... that's what makes a waterfall. A waterfall is a place where water flows over the edge of a cliff.

Can you cliff jump at Victoria falls?

Yes you can cliff jump at Victoria Falls. One adventure operator who offers that is Shearwater Victoria Falls.

What is mechanical energy to kinetic energy and potential energy?

Mechanical energy Created contained or directed by machineKinetic Energy : the energy in movementPotential energy : a heavy weight on a cliff is a good example, it has all the energy that it will release or use if it falls

What is the energy transformation in the shower?

Potential to kinetic. Before you turn the shower on, the water is above the ground, waiting in the pipes. Once you open the valve it falls, converting that potential energy into kinetic energy.

Where is ocean cliff on super-secret?

the ocean cliff is actually cavern falls

Emissin of light from an atom occurs when an electron what?

Lots of wrong answers out there, tested this on school, the answer is: Drops from a higher to a lower energy level