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bankers and populist

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Q: The federal reserve system was born out of a compromise between which two sets of interest groups?
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Who sets national interest rates in the US?

The Federal Reserve (The Fed)

Where was the federal reserve formed?

Who or what group of individuals formed the Federal Reserve

Monetary policy in the US is carried out primarily by what agencies?

The Federal Reserve Monetary_policy_in_the_US_is_carried_out_primarily_by_which_of_the_following_agencies

Under the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 the what powers do Federal Reserve banks have?

The Federal Reserve Act gave allowed PRIVATE bankers (families) to control the issue and rate of interest for the money supply. Originally the US Constitution allowed the US Govt to print its own money (interest free). Now the Federal Reserve gives the US Government permission to print money and then charges us interest for the privilege.The USA now borrows its own money, and has to pay it back to the private Federal Reserve (principle plus interest). To pay the interest, we have to borrow it... which creates further debt and interest which is why the Federal Deficit can NEVER be repaid.So instead of just printing our own money, the US Govt borrows it and has to pay it back at interest.Also the Federal Reserve controls the interest rate from banks, and the fractional reserve ratio which allows banks to loan more money than they actually have or exists. If they have $1,000 on deposit and the fractional reserve is 10, then they can loan $10,000. If this amount is deposited in another bank, that bank could loan at 10x to the sum of $100,000 etc. Apparently this can continue for 9 levels.In reality money is created out of thin air, when we get a loan, and then this has to be paid back with "real money" and interest.There is no reason for the government to have to get permission to print and borrow its own currency. However it gives great profit and control to a few.Voting about the "federal reserve" is probably unnecessary since it should not exist in the first place. Congress should be forced to follow the US Constitution or be thrown out of office or tried for treason.AnswerThe Federal Reserve was created in secret meetings of powerful bankers. Its operations continue to be completely secret. It has the power to CREATE a stock market bubble like the one we had in 2000, and rapid escalation of property values like we have seen in recent years through a policy of easy money. It has the power to ENGINEER a financial crisis such as we are now experiencing through a sudden and violent contraction of the money supply. Every U.S. Citizen should be aware of the issues surrounding the Federal Reserve.For more information see the link below.

When was federal resev bank opened?

The Federal Reserve is the central banking system of the United States. It was created in the year 1913. Ben Bernanke is the chairman of the Federal Reserve. He has been the chairman since 2006. Before him, Alan Greenspan was the chairman of the federal reserve.

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What causes the Federal Reserve System to earn money?

Earnings of the Federal Reserve System are primarilyderived from the interest the Federal Reserve Banks receive from their holdings of securities acquired from their open market operations along with interest from loans made to member banks.

Who sets the interest rates in the US.?

The Federal Reserve (The Fed)

Who sets national interest rates in the US?

The Federal Reserve (The Fed)

The Federal reserve can cause interest on mortgages to decrease by?

taking money

The federal reserve can change the interest rate to help the economy. What is the interest rate?

the cost of borrowing money

When the federal reserve board lowers interest rates it most likely attempting to?

lower interest rates.

The Federal Reserve can change the interest rate to help the economy What is the interest rate?

the cost of borrowing money

Why does the Federal Reserve cut interest rates?

banking economics us government

How the Federal Reserve can influence the federal funds interest rate?

If the Fed wants to raise the federal funds interest rate, it will sell securities to remove reserves from the banking system.

When the Fed raised the interest rates between 2004 and 2007 the Federal Reserve?

Correct answer B. sold U.S. government securities, thereby contracting funds to the federal funds market

Who decided on the interest fate policy?

I believe that it is the Federal reserve who decides on the interest policy, as well as the money supply

Did the federal reserve keep its interest rates low or high through out the 1920s?