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Baby boom

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Q: The first wave of the population explosion that followed World War 2 called?
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The first wave of the population explosion that followed world war ii was called the?

babby boom

What was the first wave of the population explosion that followed war world 2 called?

The Baby Boom

What was the first wave of population explosion that followed world war 2 callled?

The Baby Boom

What do you call the population explosion after war world 2?

The babyboom!

What do you call the generation born in the population explosion before the end of war world 2?

There was no population "explosion" before the end of World War II. Millions of people died both as soldiers and as civilians during World War II. The period immediately following World War II experienced a population explosion because soldiers, mostly from allied countries, returned home, married and had children. This era is known as the "baby boomers"

Effects of population explosion?

overpopulation- which in the case of the united states would be very terrible indeed

Does the UK have the largest population of all countries in the world?

No, China has the largest population followed by India. The UK is ranked 22 in the world for population size.

Most of the world's population is found in?

Earth. Although Asia, followed by Africa is also acceptable.

What was the decade after world war 1 referred as?

The Roaring twenties immediately followed World War I. The Great Depression followed that, followed by the second phase of World War I (usually called World War II).

How does the human population explosion affect biodiversity around the world?

the demand of human 's need on nature increased tremendesly .

Where in the world is the largest population located?

The largest population in the world is located in China, followed by India. These two countries have the highest population densities globally.

What is the most muslim populated country?

Indonesia has the most populous Muslim population in the world. It contributes about 12percent of the world Muslim population. This is followed by Pakistan and India.