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Hi i need srs for search engine indexing .so if any of u have search engine indexing srs kindly send me the srs to (, please

thank you

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โˆ™ 2010-02-03 11:25:25
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Q: The format of srs document
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What is the difference between SRS document and design document and what are the content you should contain in the SRS document and design document?

SRS is about "what is needed" i.e. what software should do! Design docuemnt is about how Developer will achieve specified SRS.

Banking system srs in IEEE srs format?

srs of banking in word

Crime management srs in IEEE srs format?


What is SRS format?

SRS is short form of software specification requirement document. A SRS is a document that acts as a contract between the user and developer. A SRS document give all the details about the software.SRS stands for Software specification requirement document. A SRS document gives complete requirements about the software.

Draw the figure about when the preparation of the SRS document can begin?

Q#3: Draw the figure about when the preparation of the SRS document can begin.[5]

Why srs document is considered as a black-box specification?

It should only specify what the system should do and refrain from stating how to do these. This means that the SRS document should specify the external behavior of the system and not discuss the implementation issues. The SRS document should view the system to be developed as black box, and should specify the externally visible behavior of the system. For this reason, the SRS document is also called the black-box specification of a system.

What can be the SRS document for online national polling?

If you get the answer forward me too........

What are the work product of requirement engineering?

An SRS document is formed after requirement engineering. The SRS stands for Software Requirement Specification.

When was Portable Document Format created?

Portable Document Format was created in 1993.

What is SRS in software engineering?

SRS means software requirement specification document in short. It act as a contract between customer and developer.

Srs document for library management system?

it is a analysis for checking the status

How do you write SRS document for stop global warming?

read pressman...

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