The highest paid player in the world?


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Christiano Ronaldo of Real Madrid is the highest paid footballer.


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Vishwanathan Anand of India. He is the current World Champion and highest paid chess player.

who is Africa most paid player of the world

The highest paid soccer player in the world is Christiano Ronaldo who plays for Real Madrid.

The highest paid African footballer is Samuel Etoo, of Cameroon.

the most paid player in the world is goof

The highest paid player in the FIFA world cup is Lionel Messi, at 43.3 million.

The highest paid soccer player in the world is currently Cristiano Ronaldo, a Portuguese soccer player, who now plays for Real Madrid. David Beckham is also known to be one of the highest paid players in the world.

The highest paid player is Ronaldo at Real Madrid, as he was got for 80 million pounds it is 150,000 pounds.

The highest weekly paid footballers are Carlos Tevez, Yaya Toure and Ronaldo.

nicholas anelka is the highest paid player.

the best paid African player in no doubt is Michael essien

Who was the highest paid MLB player in 1996?

Arsenals highest paid player in 2009 is adeybayor

Christiano Ronaldo is the highest paid footballer but All-Time Zinedine Zadine holds the record for Highest Paid footballer.

Kobe Bryant is currently the highest paid player in the NBA.

Manchester United highest paid player is Wayne Rooney.

The highest paid player at Real Madrid is Christiano Ronaldo.

The highest paid baseball player as of 2010 is Alex Rodriguez.

The highest paid Arsenal player is Cesc Fabregas.

Cristiano Ronaldo gets paid 21 million euros. He is the highest played soccer player in the world, and also one of the highest paid athletes.

Samuel Eto'o was the highest paid player.

Fabregas is the highest paid player in arsenal There are no Arsenal players in the top 100 highest paid footballers in the world so they get downwards of 60,000. However on the list Kewell and Bent are really high. Highest paid is either ronaldiniho or Kaka, should be ronaldo.

The highest paid NBA player in 1995 was Patrick Ewing. He made $18,724,000 that year. He was still the highest paid the following year.

I think that David Beckham is the highest footballer paid in the world.

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