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The ideal learning space should include changing space with mood lighting, different seating patterns, playful spaces, and must be comfortable.

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Q: The ideal learning space should have all what EXCEPT?
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Do all materials occupy space?

all of them except your brain.

What are the different kinds of terms?

This Depends on What exactly you are looking for life sciences - learning about things that are alive physical sciences - learning about things that are not alive Earth/space sciences - learning about the planet Earth or outer space engineering/technology sciences - learning about how things are built or how machines work or astronomy - learning about things that are not on the planet Earth Biology - learning about all living things that are like plants and animals chemistry - learning about what all things are made of Earth science - learning about what the planet Earth is made of physics - learning about how things move or astrophysics - learning about what things in space are made of and where they come from biochemistry - learning about what animals and plants are made of and how they stay alive biogeology - learning about the part of Earth where plants and animals live how it works with the rock on the Earth’s surface climatology - learning about the main types of weather in a certain area entomology - learning about insects, or bugs geophysics - learning about how weather affects the planet herpetology - learning about reptiles and amphibians immunology - learning about the part of your body that helps stop sickness meteorology - learning about climate and weather oceanography - learning about the oceans ornithology - learning about birds Paleontology - learning about things that were alive a long, long time ago volcanology - learning about volcanoes zoology - learning about animals

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Proper length in physics is the invariant measure of a distance between to separated events. It is considered as the ideal length in a space-time of space-like paths.

Which of the following has mass and takes up space?

Anything that lives except air, light, sound.

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All but Pluto, which is currently being visited.

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The assumptions of a metric space except for symmetry.

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The assumptions of a metric space except for symmetry.

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