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Q: The image that falls on the back of your eye is?
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When you look at something the image falls on you what?

It falls on the retina of the eye.

A human eye is far-sighted when the image falls the retina?

When the image focuses (falls) behind the retina

If your eye falls out does it grow back?

No you will have to get a glass eye.

The lens in your eye is the same shape as a convex lens What would you notice about the image formed at the back of the eye?

A real and inverted image is formed on the retina.

Which is a correct sentence dust falls in eye or dust strewn your eye?

"Dust falls into your eye."

The place in the back of your eye that receives images is called the?

The retina is the reflective tissue at the back of the eye on which images are projected.

What Is the nerve tissue at the back of the eye which receives the image that has been formed by the cornea the pupil and the?

it is the cocklea

Does the lens in your eye flip the image?

The image on the back of the retina is upside-down but the brain converts the image to right-side up, just like the rotation of a photo in an imaging programme.

The image of an object formed on the retina of the human eye is?

The image of an object formed on the retina of the human eye is called Image Formation. Image Formation is the natural processing of light through the eye.

Where do light rays form an image in the eye?

It doesn't form an image on the eye but in the brain.

What part of the eye behind the pupil is bent and stretched by the ciliary body to further refract light?

The eye lens is adjusted to further refract light so that a clear image falls on the retina and is transmitted to the brain.

The screen on which the image in formed in the eye is called?

Retina (layer of nerve tissue covering the back 2/3 of the eyeball).