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This would be the emission of thermal radiation during detonation. Ionizing radiation is also emitted at the speed of light at this time as well, but I wouldn't consider this to be the most relevant immediate destructive action.

blast. its slower but causes the most immediate destruction.

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Q: The immediate destructive action of a nuclear explosion is caused by this?
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What is the verb for explosion?

The verb for explosion is explode. As in the action "to burst violently" or "to make an outburst".

What are two problems cause by harnessing nuclear energy?

In the modern era, the discovery of the potential energy that is stored within the structure of the atomic nucleus, led to the usage of a new form of energy, that is the nuclear energy. The concept of nuclear physics is constantly developing, as an independent discipline of science. The usage of nuclear energy often sounds incredible and every advantageous, but the use of this technology results into disaster if proper precautions are not taken. Problem of Waste Disposal During the process of nuclear fission, neutrons (particles having no charge or neutral charge) are bombarded on atoms of heavy elements, like uranium. This bombardment causes the entire fuel of the reactor, that is usually uranium or plutonium, to disintegrate or decompose. The process of decomposition produces a huge amount of heat, a large volume of heavy element atoms, and a lot of neutrons. In addition to these products, the nuclear fission also produces a big volume of radioactive waste. This radioactive waste can be easily used to make a nuclear bomb. The radioactive waste has to be disposed in some or the other manner. Though, its disposal and storage is very costly. If it falls in the wrong hands like those of a terrorist organization, it can prove to be extremely fatal. The leakage of radioactive waste from the reactor or from highly secured storage areas, is also very dangerous. Living beings, exposed to such kind of radiation, especially from nuclear waste, suffer from many problems like cancer, abnormal growth and sometimes can also lead to immediate death. Reactor Safety The nuclear reactor is the place inside which the process of nuclear integration takes place. The environment inside the place is full of heated reactions. The reaction of nuclear fissions not only produce heat, but they also result into many different reactions, due to the fact that the neutrons are produced as a by-product in the process of making nuclear fission a chain reaction. It is very important that the environment within the reactor remains highly controlled and sealed. The action of fission also tends to produce a high amount of radiation. If the radiation or the reacting elements leak out, then the health of people in the nearby vicinity is endangered. The leaked out matter sometimes also spreads to many different places through the atmosphere. If the level of leakage is very high, then it can also cause a huge explosion in the environment that would be comparable to a miniature nuclear bomb explosion. Nuclear Meltdown One of the biggest risks of nuclear energy is nuclear meltdown. A nuclear melt down occurs when the coolant, which is prominently water, gets over-heated or stops working. Sometimes the controlled environmental conditions also get over heated, causing a meltdown. In case of a meltdown, the radiations that are produced in the reactions inside, escape the controlled environment. The meltdown releases many toxic elements into the environment contaminating a huge area. A nuclear meltdown in the reactor had occurred at Chernobyl, Ukraine which resulted into ghastly effects. It is hence wise, to take the proper precautions and avoid the nuclear disasters. The control measures though costly, if taken, will ensure an uncontaminated environment, for the current as well as the future generations to come. If not, then the nuclear contamination would be capable of wiping out mankind.

What is possible but not actual energy?

That is called potential energy. It can be gravitational as in a body raised above the earth's surface, or chemical as in fossil fuels, or nuclear as in uranium. It means the energy is there in the material but will not be utilised unless some action is taken to release it.

Is there a action for every reaction?

Yes. Action and Re-action are relative, to how the problem is described. You can start with the reaction and find the action or start with the action and find the reaction.

How do you activate nuclear weapons?

Depends on the bomb design and the country. In the US all nuclear weapons now have a PAL (Permissive Action Link) installed. The PAL is a cryptographically controlled device connected to all arming, safing, and destruct systems. The president has a device called the "football" with him at all times, usually carried by an aide. If the president decides a nuclear attack is necessary he uses the "football" to select the plan and it transmits the PAL codes and targeting information. Unless the PAL code is entered by the operators correctly the device will not arm. If they get the code wrong 3 times the PAL refuses all further entries and will not arm. If they persist after 3 bad codes the PAL may choose to destroy the device by detonating the chemical explosives with the nuclear component disarmed.

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What is the verb for explosion?

The verb for explosion is explode. As in the action "to burst violently" or "to make an outburst".

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