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colliding plates

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Q: The kind of plates that cause mountains to form?
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What kind of plates cause volcanoes?

Plates do not cause volcanoes. Volcanoes generally form at the boundaries between plates. They form at convergent and divergent boundaries.

Where can mountains be created?

At breaks in the earths crust; like the tectonic plates; an earthquake can trigger a volcano, and depending on what kind of volcano it is, it can form a mountain.

What kind of landforms happen from earthquakes?

Mountains of tectonic plates i think!

How are mountains chains formed?

When two edges of tectonic plates collide (convergent boundary) they can cause a crumpling effect and an upthrust to form mountains. The Himalayas, for instance, were formed when the Indian Plate crashed into the Asian Plate. Convergent boundary also applies to the situation where one plate moves under the other (subduction) this kind of plate boundary can also form mountain chains. An example of this is the Andes mountains.

What kind of boundaries do plates form?

trenches trenches

What kind of mountains form on the land side of a subduction zone?

volcanic mountains

Pulling forces form what kind of mountains?

I believe that this question has to do with earth science. When two continental plates come together, a convergent plate boundary, mountains form. If an oceanic plate and a continental plate converge, or come together, a subduction zone is form and the oceanic plate subducts under the continental usually because the oceanic plate is less dense. Hope I kind of answered the question..?

What kind of volcanoes form mountains?

shield volcanoes

What kind of land form is the eastern shore?


What kind of mountains are the Rockies?

They are fold mountains as it is a mountain range. It is caused by either 2 continental plates or an oceanic and a continental plate colliding into each other.

What kind of mountains are formed when two plates drift apart and magma builds up on the crust of the earth?


I need help with science so i would like an answer a.s.a.p. - What kind of boundary do dome mountains form on?

I can't be sure, but I think it's the boundary between two of the Earth's plates. These mountains form when plate collisions push an area of the crust up into a dome shape. The crust doesn't snap and break as in fault-block mountains. Ex: The Black Hills of South Dakota.