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The biggest number that can be represented in one byte is 11111111. Binary numbers have the ability to added together in a fashion similar to decimal numbers.

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How many colours can be represented in a byte?

One byte can represent 256 colours.

Why is 225 the largest number in bytes?

It isn't. The largest unsigned number that can be stored in one byte (8 bits) is 2^8 - 1 = 255.

What is the largest byte?

So far the largest one I know is the yottabyte

What does each byte represents?

Each byte represents a number. What that number means, will depend on where abouts it is, in a memory location or program. For example. In the graphics area of memory, the number will determine what color the pixel should be for that location. There will be a byte for every pixel. A pair of bytes will represent where the computer should look in the memory to retreive another number. A single byte will represent a command, when executed by the CPU. A program is operated on, one byte at a time in sequence, unless the operation code (another byte) tells it to jump to another part of the program or stop. A CPU has a look up table, where each number (represented by a byte) will have an operation. This operation could be, to just add 1 to the number in the present registry.

How much data is on 1 byte of ram?

One byte of RAM can hold up to one byte of data. This is equivalent to one 8-bit (ASCII) character, such as a keyboard letter, number, or symbol.

How the computer store text?

In a computer, everything is stored in ones and zeros. A single one or zero is called a bit, and a group of 8 bits is called a byte. One byte can be represented as 8 binary numerals, like this: 10011101 Which equals the number 157. It can also be represented in hexadecimal, like this: 9D One byte can store any number between 0 and 255 (00 and FF in hex). In a computer, every text character has a specific number that represents that letter. So, when it sees a particular hex number, it translates that into the text and displays it. This is an overly simplified description. To learn more, read up on bits, bytes, ascii codes and data storage protocols.

What usually represents one character of data?

A byte (usually 8 bits). An 8-bit byte allows up to 256 unique characters to be represented, more than enough to accommodate all the letters, digits and punctuation marks in the Latin alphabet.

Who many byte in one kilo byte?

if this question about no. of bytes in one kilobyte then answer is 1024 byte.

What would be the hexadecimal representation of the largest memory address in a memory consisting of 4MB if each cell had a one-byte capacity?

If the architecture allows each individual byte to be adressed then there are 4,000,000 possible addresses ranging from 0 to 3,999,999. So the largest address is 3,999,999 which is 3D08FF in hexadecimal representation

Which one is the largest whole number?

There is no largest whole number.

Which data type typically requires only one byte of storage?

Boolean data type usually requires only 1 byte, because it represent only 1 of 2 possible values: true or false, which is represented as 1 or 0, so only 1 byte is needed.

What is largest BCD encoded decimal value that can be represented in three bytes?

A BCD digit only uses the binary patterns that represent decimal numbers, ie 0000 - 1001; this requires 4 bits (1 nybble) so there can be 2 BCD digits to a byte. Therefore in 3 bytes there can be 3 × 2 = 6 BCD digits. The largest BCD digit is 1001 = 9. Assuming non-signed, the maximum 3 byte BCD number is 999,999.

How much memory does a byte have?

8 bits, or 01010101 which is binary for the capitol letter U 1 byte is equivalent to one letter, number, or, character.

Number represented by a whole number and fraction?

A number represented by a whole number and a fraction (for example, 1 1/2 - one and a half) is called a mixed number.

Simple definition of mega bite?

the most common unit of information in a computer is a bit. This is represented by the number 1 or 0. A byte is eight bits, or a series of eight 1s and 0s. One megabyte is one million bytes, or eight million bits.

How bits are in a byte?

Eight bits are in one byte

What is 4 one half into a whole number?

Four and one-half cannot be represented by a whole number. It can be represented by 4.5 or the improper fraction 9/2

How much information can be stored in 1 byte of an IBM PC compatible?

One byte of information is … one byte … regardless of where it is stored.

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