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Q: The locomotion of insects to the source of light is called?
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Which insects are a natural source of light?


What is it called for insects to be attracted to light?


What is a source of the Moon's light called?

Our sun is the source.

Are night insect attracted by heat or light?

There are various experiments that you can do for why insects are attracted to light and heat. Experiments can be done at night with a light source and heat source in boxes to see which one attracts more insects.

Is firefly a natural source of light?

Yes - the luminescence is produced by a chemical reaction within the insects body.

How is light from a hot source different to light from a cool source?

When hear energy is converted to loght energy it is called hot source of light (sun light). when light source is produced from (generally reflected light, moon light) a cooler object.

What is the thing called that provides light for a microscope?

Light source, can be mirror or electric light.

What reflects the light on to the specimen?

The mirror, which can also be called the light source. It reflects the light.

What are the swarm of flying insects that come out at night and are attracted to light?

Quite a few insects come out at night. This is when many of them feed. Some of these insects are mosquitoes, lightning bugs, which are also called fireflies, and carabid beetles. Moths, the black vine weevil, and cockroaches also come out at night.

What kind of a light source is light emitting diode?

The so-called LED light emitting diode is a semi-conductor light source. It is mainly used as a light indicator on many devices. It is also found in many applications.

What is primary source of light?

The primary source of light on Earth is the Sun. It emits light and heat energy through a process called nuclear fusion in its core. This light sustains life on our planet and allows for photosynthesis to occur in plants.

Is a traffic light a light reflector or light source?

light source