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The meaning of the word "COMPUTER"





Used for


Education and


That is the meaning of computer

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Q: The meaning of the word computer?
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Greek word meaning computer?

meaning of the word-computer greek

What is the Malayalam meaning of an English word you are working in computer shoppe?

You are working in computer shoppe? = nee computer kadayilano work cheyyunne?

From which language the word computer came?

"compter" is a French verb meaning 'to count'.

What is the meaning of word processing?

Word processing is the creation, editing and printing of a document using a computer. The most common way to achieve this to use a word processor, installed on your computer and a printer.

What is the meaning of the word programming?

The definition of the word "Programming" is "the action or process of writing computer programs." Hope this helps.

What is a 5 letter word meaning assign function to a different computer key?


Meaning of ABC in the computer?

what is the meaning of ic in computer

Why are dictionarys useful?

it tells you the meaning of the word but in our days we just use the computer ----------- Because they help you to spell the word "dictionaries"!

What does each alphabet mean in the word computer?

Clarification needed. An alphabet is a complete set of letters in a language. The English alphabet is ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ. This is not in the word 'computer'. If you are asking what the letters in the word 'computer' stand for--they stand for sounds and units of meaning in the English language.

A same word with two different technical and non technical meaning related to computer?


What is a four letter word meaning computer screen?

No 4 letter words but: VDU Monitor Display All mean computer screen.

What is the full form of computer BUS?

"Bidirectional Universal Switch"There is no real full form of the computer , it is made by users and Computer the word is generated with the English word "Compute" , it's general meaning Calculate. If any word has full form then it should be in Capital letter such as " COMPUTER" ....this capital letter means it is the collection of many different words but here it is a English word in it self. So English says that there is no Full Form of any English word which has any meaning . So Computer has no Full Form...

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