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It is most similar to the composition of the rock basalt.

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Why oceanic crust sinks?

Oceanic crust is composed of basaltic rocks. The basaltic composition is much more dense than the continental crust's granitic composition. This causes the continental crust to "float" on the oceanic crust.

What is the plate made of in plate tectonics?

Plates are made of either oceanic or continental crust. Oceanic crust is basaltic in composition and continental crust is felsic in composition.

What is the composition of the oceanic crust?

It is mostly composed of basalt, and few other mineral types. It is made mostly of igneous rock, same with continental crust.

Why is the main reason that oceanic crust is heavier than continental crust?

Oceanic crust is mafic in composition and continental crust is felsic in composition. Mafic minerals generally have a higher density than felsic minerals and therefore, the oceanic crust is heavier.

How are oceanic crust and continental similar?

The continental crust is lighter and floating above the oceanic crust.

What is the composition of the continental crust?

The composition of the continental crust is granitic overall, high in silicon and aluminum, when compared to the oceanic crust.

What type of rocks are oceanic crust made of?

Igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic rocks comprise the oceanic crust. The vast majority of oceanic crust is considered basaltic in composition.

What is the composition of Earth's oceanic crust?

Many different minerals are found in oceanic crust. Feldspar, basalt, pyroxene, and other molten rock materials make up the composition of the ocean's crust.

What is the main difference between continental plates and oceanic plates?

Oceanic crust is created on Mid ocean ridges and of basaltic composition. Oceanic crust is on average comparatively young as it is subducted into the mantle in subduction zones. Oceanic crust is denser and thinner than average continental crust.The composition and age distribution of continental crust is much more complicated than that of oceanic crust. It is on average less dense and much thicker than oceanic crust and its composition is roughly that of a tonalite (something similar to a granite but with less alkali feldspar). Apart from igneous rocks and metamorphic rocks, the sedimentary rocks add a lot to the variety of lithologies found on the continents (carbonates, evaporites, sandstones, shales, conglomerates, etc.).As opposed to oceanic crust, continental crust is not subducted into the mantle in large quantities but has been gradually accumulating over geologic timescales.

How oceanic crust different?

Oceanic and Contintental crust are different in composition as well as size and density Continental- granitic/50-100km thick Oceanic- basaltic/ up to 10km thick Oceanic crust is more dense making it subduct under continental crust

What main mineral makes up the oceanic crust and continental crust?

The main mineral group making up the crust are silicates, which include feldspars, micas, and quartz.

What is the average composition of the oceanic crust?

Oceanic crustal rock is basaltic in composition. if u havent read about it or hear about it ont put it on ur paper trust me

Is quartz a common rock forming mineral?

Yes, especially in the continental crust, but not as common in the oceanic crust.

Why does continental crust stay on top of the oceanic crust?

The continental crust is less dense than the oceanic crust, so the oceanic crust sinks. The earth has layers based on the density of the mineral assemblages. Solid iron core, liquid outer core, heterogenic graded mantle mineral assemblages.... the continental crust and oceanic crust are a part of the near surface of the grading with even the atmosphere grading outwards. The Continental crust is made up of less dense mineral assemblages primarily silicon rich granites and associated sediments. the Oceanic crust is made up of heavier elements like magnesium and Iron in the form of basalts and gabbros.

How do the continents differ from the rest of the lithosphere?

The lithosphere is made up of the oceanic and continental crust. Continental crust is less dense compared to the oceanic crust. Its composition is mainly igneous rock, such as granite.

How is the continental crust alike as the oceanic crust?

They are both parts of the lithosphere, and they share some similarities in their chemical composition.

What is the oceanic crust made up of?

The oceanic crust is made up of mafic rocks which is rich in magnesium and iron. These rocks are also referred to as sima. The oceanic crust is similar to the continental crust, except it is thinner yet denser.

What is the earths crust composition?

oceanic crust is made of basalt while continental crust is made of silica rich rocks like granite.

Is the oceanic crust above the continental crust?

The oceanic crust is below the continental crust is above the oceanic crust

Are continental crustal rocks similar in composition to oceanic crustal rocks?

Continental crust is predominantly composed mostly of rock of a granitic composition, higher in silica and aluminum, with layers of sedimentary rock above. Oceanic crust is predominantly basaltic (higher in iron and magnesium), darker, thinner, more dense, and formed from rapid cooling of lava.

How many major plates make up the Earth's crust?

the sub layers of "Crrust" is continental and oceanic crust witch are both solid and oceanic composition is basalt and the other granite.

What is the oceanic crust solid or liquid?

The oceanic crust itself is made of solid rock.

What is the difference between the oceanic crust and continental crust?

Continental crust is lighter (less dense) than oceanic crust. Continental crust is granitic. Oceanic crust is basaltic. Oceanic crust subducts under a less dense crust whether it's oceanic or continental. Continental crust does not subduct. Oceanic crust is much younger in geologic age than continental crust. Continental crust is on average thicker than oceanic crust.

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