The miz theme song?


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The Miz's theme song is "I Came to Play" by Downstait.


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His theme song is ''I came to play'' by Downstait.

It sounds like a combo of big show and Miz

It is done by Downstrait The Name of the song is I Came to Play

Nickleback... Might as well give them the cred.

l came to play by downstrait. That is from 2010

It's his theme not theme song though it's kinda like the miz is with being awesome or randy orton is with viper

Bittersweet - Miz song - was created on 2006-01-25.

Faraway - Miz song - was created on 2010-05-26.

Don't know his name, but the band that made his theme is Downstait.

if you just type in the miz on limewire it should come up i hope this helped

The Miz-Show. I like The Big Show, but not the Miz. That's just what I thick (he is so NOT awesome) The Big Show Rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO WWE!!!!

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i the wwe where the miz come out or go on wwe.co

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