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white men

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white, male property owners.

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Q: The only Americans allowed to vote in 1824 and 1828 were?
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Who were the only American allowed to vote in 1824 and 1828?

Adult white men with property

Why were there more voters in 1828 than 1824?

More men were eligible to vote

Why were there 3 times the number of voters turned out for the election of1828?

The first elections in the United States only allowed male property owners to vote. In 1828, all white men were allowed to vote. In 1824, John Quincy Adams won the election and many of Andrew Jackson's supporters were quite angry about it. So they worked at changing who was allowed to vote and how a candidate was selected. The candidates in the 1828 election were chosen by state conventions. Jackson's supporters would say that they wanted a man of the people, not the elite.

What is the value of an 1824 British Half Farthing QV circulated good condition?

Such a coin does not exist. The Half Farthing was issued from 1828, and only for use in Ceylon (Sri Lanka) at that time. In 1824, King George IV would have appeared on the coin. Queen Victoria Half Farthings were issued for circulation perodically from 1839 to 1856.

How did American election process change by election of 1828?

during the era of good feelings the country grew in many ways.From 1812 six new states joined the United State's people in these new frontier states had their own way of doing thing's passed laws allowing all white men over the age of 21 to vote.In the original 13 states, only those who owned property could vote.The older states soon changed their voting laws as well.As a result, almost three times more men voted in 1828 than voted in 1824

What was the name of the region that was still unexplored in 1828?

The only area that was still unexplored in 1828 was Patagonia

What was the Union armies response to the Emancipation Proclamation?

It allowed African Americans to serve in non-combat positions only

What was Union army's response to the emancipation proclamation?

It allowed African Americans to serve in non-combat positions only

What was the unions armies response to the emancipation proclamation?

It allowed African Americans to serve in non-combat positions only

Are Americans allowed in Costa Rica?

Yes but only for 30 day then you have to leave for 3 days unless you have a visa or passport.

Why are only Americans allowed to win the Newbery Medal?

Only Americans are allowed to win the Newbury Medal because it is awarded annually to the "author of the most distinguished contribution to American literature for children." The winning book must have been published in the United States (and in the English language). Further, the award is restricted to citizens or residents of the United States only.

Who was not allowed to join the knights of labor?

The American federation of labor was founded in 1886 by Samuel Gompers and allowed skilled working white men in smaller unions. African Americans and women were not allowed.