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Q: The only European colony in Africa to gain its independence between world war 2 was?
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Which eastern Africa country was never a European colony?

Unlike most African countries, Ethiopia was never a European colony, for this reason it has been important to modern Africa as a symbol of independence

The first European colony in America to win independence was?


What European colony did Zambia gain independence from in 1964?

Zambia was Northern Rhodesia, a British colony.

What was the first colony to gain independence in Africa?

Gold Coast

What European Colony founded Benin Africa?

Dahomey (French colony until 1958)

3 The first European colony in the Americas to win independence was?


What was the first European colony in Latin America to declare its independence?


What European country was south Africa a colony of?

great Britain

What European country was Belize a colony of until independence in 1981?

Great Britain

What was the last European colony in central Africa?

Portuguese Angola (1975).

What was the first European country in Latin America to declare Independence?

Haiti, a French colony.

Why was Congo colonised?

The Congo is a country on the continent of Africa. As such it could not meaningfully want or get independence from Africa. It was however a Belgian colony and sought independence from Belgian as was the fashion of the times.