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The portion of the earthÃ?s surface that includes water and water vapor is known as the Hydrosphere, which makes up about 70% of the earthÃ?s surface.

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Q: The portion of the earth's surface that includes water and water vapor is the...?
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Water from oceans and earths surface that changes to water vapor?


Which of these are fissures through which water and water vapor escape from the Earths surface?

Fumaroles are fissures through which water and water vapor escape from the Earth's surface.

Why are carbon dioxide water vapor and other greenhouse gases important to life on Earths surface?

They absorb radiant energy emitted by Earths surface

Condensed water vapor in the air just above the earths surface?

Fog, mist.

What is the answer for the process by water on earths surface changes from liquid to water vapor?

transpiration,i think

What is mositure that falls from the sky?

Rain: The condensed water vapor that first evaporated from the earths surface (see water cycle)

What would happen if carbon dioxide methane and water vapor were not in the atmosphere?

The Earths surface would be much colder than it is.

Which gases in earths atmosphere help keep surface temperatures warm enough for life?

carbon dioxide, methane, and water vapor.

Why do clouds usually form high in the air instead near the earths surface?

Because there is more water vapor up in the sky.

Almost all of the water vapor in earths atmosphere is contained in the?

Troposphere. This is the lowest section of the earths atmosphere that contains 75% of the earths atmosphere by mass and 99% of the earths water vapour. This section of the atmosphere starts at the surface and extends 7-20km up, the thickness depending largely on where you are in the world.

Water vapor droplets form clouds and earths gravity pulls the moisture to the surface in the form of?

The word you're looking fro is... rain.

What is the term for the water at the surface of earth that includes bodies of water and water vapor?

fog, mist,