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The molten iron and medals inside the earths core are the reasons for the earths magnetic core.


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The Earth's molten is core.

The core is a dense chunck of metal that influence the earths magnetic field.

The earths magnetic field results from deep in the earths core. Magnetic conduction from within the earths core is believed to be the cause of this.

because it has the hydro electric power to control the earths magnetic field

No they think that movements in the outer core create earths magnetic field

It is made by the movement of the earths core and magma field

Iron and Nickel. They are what make the earth core magnetic.

the core of venus is very similar to the core of earth, as it is earths twin planet. therefore the the core of venus is made of the same elements as earths core, iron and nickel, both magnetic and it is these elements that create our magnetic field.

The earth's magnetic field is caused by convection currents in our core. The core is made out of iron, which is a magnetic metal.

The magnetic field of the Earth is formed by the motion of the Earth's core.

The Earths magnetic field originates from the Core in the centreof the earth it is made up of Nickel and iron and is a solid.

It is made by the movement of the earths core

the earths core spins through the mantle creating the magnetic field

Iron is magnetic which forms the Earth's magnetic field.

the way in which the earths core spins is believed to be the source of its

The Earth's spinning core provides magnetic protection and creates a mass.

By liquid mettle on the outer core is spinning around the core.

The movement of the core generates electricity which in turn generates Earth's magnetic field

No. Earth's magnetic field is produced by currents in the liquid outer core.

Main source of earths internal energy is radioactive decays inside the earth core.

the layer of the earth resposible for the earths magnetic field is the core which consists of the liquid core/outer core and the solid core/inner core. The outer core constitutes mainly of nickel, colbalt and iron. in the ouer core there are convectional currents and from physics we have that when a magnetic conductor is subjected to a veloctiy a voltage is created and this voltage leads to an electric current and this leads to a magnetic charge being generated. this leads to magnetism of the earth.

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