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with the Senate

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The Senate

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Senate =)

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Q: The power to confirm appointments to supreme court resides in?
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Can the Supreme Court approve President's appointments?

No, the Senate must confirm the President's appointments.

What branch has the power to approve the appointments of supreme court?

The US Senate (Legislative Branch) has the power to approve or disapprove Supreme Court appointments.

What branch must approve all supreme court appointments?

The Legislateive branch must aprove all of Supreme Court appointments

Who must approve the President's appointments of Judges to the US Supreme Court?

Appointments to the US Supreme Court must be approved by the US Senate.

Which institution has the sole power to approve the President's US Supreme court appointments?

The Senate has the sole power to confirm Presidential appointments. The power of "advice and consent" is outlined in the Article II, Section 2, Nomination Clause.

The Senate has the power to confirm presidential appointments to the Supreme Court. This is an example of what principle of US government?

Checks and balances. The Executive branch has power over (checks the power of) the Judiciary branch by way of choosing who to appoint. The Legislative branch has power over (keeps in check) the Judiciary branch by way of choosing whether to confirm the appointments. The Legislative Branch also has power over (keeps in check) the Executive branch because the appointments to the Supreme Court require their approval.

How long is the appointment for a united states supreme court justice?

Appointments to the Supreme Court of the US are for life.

Who in the US approves appointments to supreme court?


Who must approve supreme court appointments?


Which branch has the power to approve supreme court appointments?

Congress must approve all appointments.

What branch approves judicial appointments?

In the United States the Congress, or legislative branch confirms federal judicial appointments. It is the Senate as upper house of the Congress that has the Constitutional power to confirm federal judges, and Supreme Court nominees.

How can the president check the power of the Supreme Court and the congress?

Congress has the ability to overrule the President's veto power with a 2/3 majority vote. Furthermore, Congress has the power to impeach the President, and must confirm the President's choices (i.e. appointment of the Supreme Court, etc.). Congress checks the Supreme Court in a few ways as well. First of all, it has to confirm the President's appointments of Supreme Court judges. It also has the power, once again, of impeachment, and has the ability to amend the Constitution.