The prefix 'nano' comes from a Greek word meaning?

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It means very small. It is used also (in Greek) for small persons.
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Technology comes from the Greek word technos which means what?

Answer . Technology comes from the combination of the two words techni which means art and Logos which means talking. Answer . Techne-Art,Craft and Logia-Study,Theory Answer . First of all I am Greek. . The word Techno- comes from the Greek word Techne which means "art". Also -logy means to ta ( Full Answer )

What words have the Greek prefix hydro in them?

Many science terms contain the word hydro as a prefix due to nomenclature in both the bianary and the trianary as well as acitic forms.. ex. hydrochloric acid, hydrocodine, hydrolosis Hydropower

What does the SI prefix 'nano' mean?

The prefix nano - is equal to 10 -9 and is represented by the Greek letter nu , which looks like a lower-case v . But when writing it on tests and papers, just use a lower-case n, so nanoseconds, for example, is abbreviated nsec or ns. It basically means "one billionth." So a nanosecond is ( Full Answer )

Does a prefix come before or after a word?

A prefix comes before a word. When you see the letters "pre-" it usually means "before." When you see the letters "post-" it usually means "after."

What does the prefix in the word subcutaneous mean?

In the term "subcutaneous", the prefix "sub" means "under" or"below". A standard prefix in English, "sub" derives mostimmediately from Latin and is also found in such common terms as"subterranean", "substitute", "submarine", and "substandard", amongmany others.

Words with the prefix im- meaning into?

imprint immersion immigrant impress import impale implied impact impulse If you search for "words starting with im-" you'll find a list and all words where im- procedes B, M, or P and doesn't have the meaning "not", then you'll find yourself words with the prefix im- meaning into. ( Full Answer )

What does prefix nano- mean?

really small. Divided into a billion parts. A nanometer is one billionth of a meter. A nanosecond is one billionth of a second. A nanocraig would be one billionth of some guy named Craig.Ex. if you have 650 nm it would be equivalent to 650 x10^-9 m

The word atom comes from a Greek work that means unable to be what?

divided . EN The word "atom" comes from the two Greek affixes, a-tom; "a" is the privative affix meaning deprivation; "tom" comes from the Greek "temno" (τέμνω) meaning "slit", "slash", "cut". Therefore, atom means the "non-slit" (further). Another example for the affix "tom" is ( Full Answer )

What is the greek meaning of the word come?

The verb come doesn't have a Greek origin (Germanic) so it doesnt hane any meaning in Greek. Answer: Unless you mean κόμη [ co mee] which is hair > comet ( cometes =having long hair) Otherwise κώμη [ co mee] is a small village > κωμός [co mo s] ( Full Answer )

Words that come from the prefix sol?

Many English words have the prefix sol- .. The prefix sol- may come from any one of a number of different Latin roots, depending on the actual meaning of the English word. . Common Latin roots: sol- . sol- as in solid, solder (to make solid), soldier: Latin solidus , set hard, firm, so ( Full Answer )

What does the Greek prefix auto mean?

Auto- (and the modern Greek word autos ) derives from the term aut meaning: . self; same: autogamy. . automatic: autopilot.

What is the prefix that means come between?

The prefix inter means between or among a group - see example below: . intercept - to stop someone or something that is going from one place to another and prevent them from getting there

The Greek prefix ap- means sun?

No, the Greek prefix "ap-" does not actually mean "sun." This Greekprefix's actual meaning is "away from" or "detached."

What rock name comes from a greek word meaning to split?

Schistolith. The prefix "Schisto-" comes from the Greek word (noun) ΣΧΙΣΙΣ ( ΣΧΑΣΙΣ or ΣΧΕΣΙΣ, too ), the verb being ΣΧΙΖΕΙΝ (pronounced: sheizin, sounding almost like: seizing) The root-word ΣΧΙΣΙΣ is ( Full Answer )

What does the prefix in in the word intoxication mean?

Apparently, the prefix is (in-) which means not. Overall, the word itself only has the root and suffix that make sense which are tox- means poison -ation means an action, result, or state. The dentition of intoxication is a state of poisoning.

The word cathedral comes from a greek word what does that word mean?

The word "cathedral" comes from a Latin word cathedra which means "chair or throne". The cathedral is the building which houses the chair or throne on which a bishop or other prelate in the Roman Catholic church presides. In Catholic teaching, a papal statement which is made " ex cathedra " or fro ( Full Answer )

The word ethics comes from the greek word that means society?

The word Ethics comes from the Greek word (ETHIKA), meaning "custom character", as in how we normally treat or should treat one another. (not sure how to spell it in Greek.. I speak it fluently, but I'm not too great with spelling :P)

What does the latin or greek prefix 'mag' mean?

The Latin root mag - means "great, large". It underlies words such as: "magnitude" from Latin magnitudo "greatness, size" "magnify" from Latin magnificare "to make greater, to extol" "master" from Latin magister "the greater one, master" The Greek root mega - as in "megaphone" or " ( Full Answer )

What does the prefix word non mean?

No/not /not having/ It makes a word negative, or opposite in meaning e.g. non-proliferation, non-negotiable, non-commital, nonsense, nonentity.

Greek prefix ap- means sun?

Νο, "ap" comes from the Greek "απο", meaning from or away from. "Aphelion" is the point in a planet's orbit farthest from the sun. (See a Webster's Dictionary.)

A Greek prefix that means same?

Both ΟΜΟ- (con-), ΟΜΟΙΟ- (homo- / homeo- pronounced: omoio-) and ΗΜΙ- (semi-, demi-) can signify the same thing, though "ΗΜΙ-" (semi-) has the degrading meaning of "half-". Just think what "semisexual" could mean... A very good example for the right use of ( Full Answer )

The nucleus comes from a Greek word that means unable to be what?

}Nucleus = Unable to be split. The original Greek word is ΑΤΟΜΟΝ ( = Α + ΤΕΜΝΕΙΝ (verb) ) standing for: Undissectible*, or: Indissectible* (In-dissectible). *I think both those words are not used in English. Nucleus = Non clust-able (non-clausable). ( Full Answer )

What does the prefix word less mean?

A prefixes is a bound morpheme that occur before a word.A surfixes is a bound morpheme that occur at the end of a word while a root Words are words that can stand on their own and have meaning.

What does the prefix in the word implicate mean?

The prefix im - in this case means "in". im - along with its variant in - can also mean "not". The word implicate broken into its word parts means in -, "in" + - plic -, "fold" + - ate "cause to be" or literally "cause to be folded in". A way to remember the prefix im- and in- is this story. ( Full Answer )

What is the meaning of the prefix word deci?

Deci comes from the latin Decimus which means one tenth. A prefix of deci- would mean one tenth of whatever the word is. Deciliter is one-tenth of a liter. Decibel is one-tenth of a bel, and is a unit of measurement of power. Decimeter is one-tenth of a meter.

What is the meaning of the prefix In the word pediatrics?

It comes from the Greek word "paidi" which means a child. English spellings of the prefix as "paed-" rather than "ped-" more accurately reflect its origin; thus, paediatrics rather than pediatrics. Other words which use this prefix are pederast and pedagogy.