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Q: The reduction in amplitude of a wave due to energy loss is called?
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The reduction in amplitude of a wave due energy loss is called?


What is energy reduction?

Loss of energy is energy reduction.Energy should not be wasted.

What is a gradual loss of amplitude of an oscillator called?

The gradual loss of amplitude of an oscillator is called damping. Science book told me. =D

The gain of electrons by an element is called what?

The loss of an electron is called oxidation. Its opposite is reduction.The loss of an electron increases the charge by +1.

Are the crests always the same height in a wave?

No. The height of the crests is the wave amplitude, which is an indicator of the energy carried by the wave. Increasing the energy increases the amplitude; conversely, decreasing amplitude indicates a loss of energy.

Why does friction reduce the efficiency of machines?

Friction requires energy to overcome it. This causes loss of energy in the system. Loss of energy in a system, by definition, is a reduction of efficiency.

When wave interfere is there a loss of energy?

Not necessarily. In some places there is destructive interference, meaning there will be less energy, but in places where there is constructive interference, the amplitude of the wave will be up to twice the amplitude of the individual waves - and the energy up to four times as much.

The loss of electrons by a molecule atom or ion is called?

oxidation. Gaining electrons is called reduction.

What is loss reduction?

Loss Reduction are various methods used to limit the extent of losses when they do happen. Examples could be disseminating clear procedures and posting warning signs. loss reduction is a scale of movement, any movement, seen, measured from the exact opposite point.Moving energy, taken energy being any countermovement of any movement. To be able to understand such, the scale is an expression of this movement. Loss reduction in music would be energy moving, loss reduction in repairing a leak also, loss reduction IS ALSO THE MAIN GOAL OF FINDING THE BIGGEST AMOUNT OF DIFFERENCE BETWEEN PRODUCING ENERGY AND THE AMOUNT IT TAKES TO DO SO. HOWEVER, TOTAL SUCCESS, THEREIN, WOULD MEAN A NEW WORLD ORDER. WHY NOT CONNECT YOUR TELE TO THE Byke-O-fit ? OR KEEP IT FOR LATER IN A WINDHURST-GENERATOR? humble apologae for caps on. Enthousiasm.By no means I mean to "shout" it. Well, maybe some.

How can hair loss be caused and prevented?

There are only a few known preventions of hair loss. These include a reduction in stress as well as taking things called immunodepressants to minimize hair loss.

Loss of infrared energy from the body is called what?


What is depopulate?

a reduction in or loss of industries.