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Q: The required concentration of chlorine sanitizer when hand washing is?
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When washing dishes in a three-compartment sink the dishwasher finds the chlorine concentration to be 500 ppm what are the hazarads to continue to wash?

Toxic residues from the chlorine may remain

How do hand sanitizers work differently than hand washing?

Because 1st the hand sanitizer burns and hand washing does

How can we prevent Ebola?

we can prevent Ebola by always washing our hands and constantly using hand sanitizer

How do you remove chlorine from washing machine water?

H2O Filter

Which makes your hands cleaner hand sanitizer or washing your hands?

washing your hands of course is the most affective way of killing germs. but hand sanitizer is best when you don't have access to running water or soap. Hand sanitizer kills more germs but drys your hands out with overuse. After the years go by you will find your hands getting itchy all the time. It is best to only use hand sanitizer when touching things as elevator buttons, public door handles & washrooms... etc.

Is hand-sanitizer a solution?

studies have shown hand sanitizer DOES NOT replace hand washing and in some cases may cause cancer.

Can hand sanitizer be used instead of washing your hands with soap and water?

Well, it CAN- and it will kill some of the germs- but your hands will still be dirty.

Does wiping sperm off your hands with a blanket or rag kill it?

well no, if you use hand sanitizer then it will kill the sperm. but wiping them off with a blanket or rag wouldn't do it. so i would highly recommend using hand sanitizer or washing your hands.

Why are some chemical liquids used for washing clothes a cleaning?

Usually the chemical liquids that are used for cleaning contain chlorine. Chlorine is used to kill

What sanitary practice was required of JEWS before eating?

Is required, not "was". Washing of hands.

How much of a percentage wise will washing your hands get the the germs off?

I think the answer is 45% cause ive been searching ALL DAY and did you know that hand sanitizer produces more germs than before. Im never using sanitizer again.

Does color safe non chlorine bleach kill germs like chlorine bleach does when washing towels?

The Clorox website says that its color-safe, non-chlorine bleach is not a registered disinfectant with the EPA.