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A) Only one opening: they expel undigested material through the mouth.

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Q: The sac like gut or gastrovascular cavity of cnidarians has?
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What is an cnidarian gut?

Cnidarians have no gut in their body .The structure which performs function similar to gut is called gastrovascular cavity .

Do cnidarias have a complete gut?

No ,they lack gut but possess gastrovascular cavity .

What animal has a lined gut cavity?

Earthworms have a lined gut cavity called the intestine. This structure is responsible for nutrient absorption and waste elimination in earthworms.

Is there a presence of a through gut in porifera?

No. Porifera and Cnidarians lack a through gut.

What is the difference between a gut and body cavity?

gut is in stomach and cavity is in outer region of stomach,

Cnidarians are also called Coelenterates because they have?

Cnidarians are also called Coelenterates because they possess a central cavity or coelenteron that serves various functions, including digestion and waste removal. This cavity is a defining feature of this group of animals and gives them their alternate name.

Does chordata have a coelom?

Some chordates have them, and in some the distinction may need to be qualified. In molluscs they remain undifferentiated, in mammals for example they differentiate into separate cavities, the pleural, peritoneal and pericardial.

What characteristics gives cnidarians their name?

The characteristic that gives cnidarians their name is: cnidarian means "nettle" and nettles are plants that release stinging barbs into the skin. All cnidarians have stinging cell's. Cnidarians have complex tissues, a gut for digesting food, and a nervous system.

An animal whose gut has only one opening is the?

An animal whose gut has only one opening has a gastrovasuclar cavity. A Jellyfish is an example of an animal with a gastrovasuclar cavity.

How do you define archenteron?

The cavity of a gastrula forming a primitive gut.

What is coelm?

It is a body cavity (or space) on addition to the gut/digestive system.

What is the anatomically correct name for the gut sac of a human?

Peritoneal cavity